Too close?

Quick question: are the names [name]Calla[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] too similar to be used for two daughters?

hmmm…I don’t think they’re too close. I love both of them! I understand that they end with the same thing (I have an issue with this myself…all my favorite names end the same!), but they have a very different beginning and completley different origins ([name]Calla[/name] is Greek and [name]Isla[/name] is Scottish). I think they work…

For me, they’re too close, but that’s just me. I can totally see a tongue twister in the making when you’re calling their names quickly in succession. I think [name]Calla[/name] and [name]Isla[/name] are both really pretty. :slight_smile:

For me they would be too close, but they’re both lovely. It’s not like they’re so close that it’s cheesy or anything, just might be a little confusing for you. If they’re not too close for you, that’s all that matters.

I don’t think they’re matchy close. Similar, yes, but I think it would be okay to use as sisters.

I think they’re cute together. But if you have more, that’s setting a specific trend - two-syllable names ending in “la.” Something to think about… About confusing the 2 names, moms get flustered even with completely different names, I know my mom did, my best friend does… it happens no matter what names you go with! :wink:

I think they are too close.

For me they are too similar in sound.