Too girly or soft?

Is [name]Ambrose[/name] to girly and soft for a FN with the nickname Bo? [name]Will[/name] it only ever work as a MN?

I would love to meet a boy (or man!) named [name]Ambrose[/name]. I find it handsome, distinguished, and just overall a classy name. The nickname [name]Bo[/name] makes it more down-to-earth.

That’s good to hear as it is an old family name! [name]Bo[/name] seems to be the only nickname that suits beyond Ambry and [name]Roe[/name]. And obviously [name]Rose[/name] is way out of the question.

I think it is *too girly but it is up to you ;).

I really like [name]Ambrose[/name]! It has that old debonair feeling to it…[name]Bo[/name] does help make it a bit more wearable on a young boy.

Sure it has “rose” in it, but it also has “bro”…right? :wink:

We recently moved to [name]Louisiana[/name] and I have heard 3 people by the name of [name]Ambrose[/name]. Not that it’s popular, it’s just one of those names you remember hearing once you do. The first time I heard it was on an older man, and I thought at first it was a more feminine name. However, I also thought it was a GREAT name that I hadn’t heard before. The next 2 times were younger kids. If you happen to live in the the south I think you wouldn’t have a problem with people thinking it’s girlish.

It is nms, but I don’t find it girly. It definitely has a softer feel but I find that about a lot of names I hear talked about on nb (ie: [name]Callum[/name]). I think it could work well for a little boy and grow well with him.

I love, love, love this name, but it’s on my list of loves I’ll never be able to use. It’s handsome and a bit dashing. Please use it. I’d love to meet a little boy named [name]Ambrose[/name]!

It’s a male name, i simply don’t think of it as being too soft or feminine. [name]Bo[/name] is a good nn too.

I really like it. I think that it’s soft, but instantly recognizable as a mans name. I say go for it!

I love soft names for boys, [name]Ambrose[/name] is one of my favourites! [name]Bo[/name] is what I would call him as well.

It’s okay. It’s not my style, but I do like the nn [name]Bo[/name] a lot. I don’t know that it’s too girly, but it’s definitely old fashioned.

I have a 9 yo old cousin [name]Ambrose[/name], all boy!

I don’t think it’s too girly at all. It’s a great, uncommon boy’s name.

I love [name]Ambrose[/name]! What do people think of [name]Brody[/name] as a nickname?

[name]LOVE[/name] that name and love that you thought to pull the [name]Bo[/name] out as a nn. I [name]LOVE[/name] the name [name]Bo[/name] and always thought about [name]Bowen[/name] just as a way to get [name]Bo[/name]. I prefer [name]Ambrose[/name] though. Good call!