Too out there?

I really like the name [name]Indigo[/name] (F), but I wonder if it’s too out there to actually name a kid.

I don’t think it’s too out there at all. I think it’s adorable. It reminds me of the color kid [name]Indigo[/name] from [name]Rainbow[/name] [name]Brite[/name]. She was an actress. I love [name]Indigo[/name] for a boy, but I think it does make a better name for a girl.

[name]Hi[/name]! I agree with [name]Lyndsay[/name]! To me, [name]Indigo[/name] is adventurous without being too out there, and I think the potential [name]Indie[/name] nickname is adorable. I’d love to meet a little [name]Indigo[/name]!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I hate [name]Blue[/name] - regardless of celebrity use, it just doesn’t sound like a name - but [name]Indigo[/name] doesn’t bother me.

I agree with everyone as well! [name]Indigo[/name] is very cute! I think [name]Indie[/name] would be a sweet nn! :slight_smile:

I think it might be too out there. I like it - and [name]Indie[/name] nn is adorable - but I wonder what I would think if I saw [name]Indigo[/name] on a nametag or email signature. It maybe is kind of hippy-ish (like [name]Sunshine[/name] or [name]Rainbow[/name]) and would be hard to take seriously? But it is more adventurous and cowboyish than [name]Sunshine[/name] or [name]Rainbow[/name], so maybe a little more like [name]Story[/name] or [name]True[/name] or some other word names like that. Oh, maybe like [name]Zephyr[/name]. Its cute and might fit well for a kid but I’m not sure it grows up well.