Too unusual/severe?

I know, I know, I’m out of the baby naming game (I just had my third child, [name]Graham[/name], last [name]Sunday[/name]… see the birth announcements page for the story!). But I can’t just quit nameberry!

A name I toyed with through my pregnancy was…


My husband vetoed it right away, but I like it. What do you guys think? [name]Kai[/name] for a nickname. It sort of reminds me of the Vikings… don’t ask me why. Thoughts?

I know several [name]German[/name] [name]Shepherd[/name] dogs with the name…! [name]Kai[/name] is nice on it’s own though.

I actually know a kid name [name]Kaiser[/name] - he’s about 16 and the name suits him well, I think.

I tend to think of [name]Kaiser[/name] rolls or Keyser S”ze when I hear the name, but I think it has a certain appeal. With a brother named [name]Graham[/name], however, I’d skip it. Might start an unintentional food theme…

[name]Just[/name] makes me think of [name]Kaiser[/name] Permanente & hospitals, or kaiser rolls.

[name]Kaiser[/name] is not a good choice in my opinion. I associate the name with [name]Kaiser[/name] [name]Wilhelm[/name] II of Germany who was instrumental in starting the first World War. Not a name to choose for any child.

No offense, but PLEASE no. It’s kind of like naming your kid “Emperor”- a huge expectation name. And it makes me think of [name]Kaiser[/name] [name]Wilhelm[/name], World War I, and then, indirectly, World War II and [name]Adolf[/name] Hitler. Under no circumstances should a child’s name ever make anyone think of Hitler, however indirectly. Please, please reconsider. [name]Kai[/name] is actually a great name- why not that?

Uh…no. Definitely stick with [name]Graham[/name] before even mildly considering [name]Kaiser[/name]. I agree with the other comments that naming your child after a royal title ([name]Duke[/name]/Duchess, [name]Knight[/name], [name]Prince[/name]/[name]Princess[/name], etc.) is asking for trouble. It could be a last name like [name]King[/name] or [name]Lord[/name] but I’d pass. If you’re second guessing yourself and even you as a parent thinking it’s too unusual or severe, it’ll probably be easy for the local playground bully to toy with your little one’s name. There are many too red flags w/[name]Kaiser[/name] and I feel you already know it.

Ha ha! OK, if you take away all the associations – [name]Kaiser[/name] Permanente, dogs, [name]Adolf[/name] Hitler, etc. – the name does make a pleasing sound. It’s definitely the sort of name that wiggles into your head and, though you wouldn’t necessarily use it, you like it. It’s probably not the best choice for a baby name, no. But I understand its appeal on the “If I were a rock star / movie star / stinking rich, I’d name my child this” list.

I have a friend with [name]Kaiser[/name] for a last name, so this strikes me as off. But in general, I don’t think it has a good vibe for a first name.

I don’t like this name but there’s nothing wrong with it. Reminds me of [name]Kaiser[/name] University.