Top girl name poll

See the results of this poll: Which girl name do you like more?

Respondents: 69 (This poll is closed)

  • Rosalie Luisa Fitz— : 26 (38%)
  • Georgia Elisa Fitz— : 20 (29%)
  • Noelle Cecilia Fitz—: 23 (33%)

[name]Noah[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name] sparkles.

I voted [name]Noelle[/name], but I also love [name]Georgia[/name]. [name]Rosalie[/name] is pretty too, but I think Twilight ruined it for me!

I voted [name]Noelle[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name] (so pretty!), but I love [name]Rosalie[/name], too. I am not quite crazy about [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Luisa[/name], which is why [name]Noelle[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name] got my vote. I think something like [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Aurelia[/name], [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name], [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Isabella[/name], or [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Arianna[/name] would all be pretty… Or [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Emilia[/name]?

I love [name]Rosalie[/name] and I love [name]Louisa[/name], I just don’t like them much together. I think it’s the ending of “lie” in [name]Rosalie[/name] paired with the beginning of “lou” in [name]Louisa[/name]. What about [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Noelle[/name]? ([name]Louisa[/name] is on my top list… [name]LOVE[/name] IT!)

[name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Luisa[/name] is lovely and got my vote. I also like [name]Noelle[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name], even though individually I’m not overly fond of either name.

[name]Noelle[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name] got my vote, but I would have voted for [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Noelle[/name] or [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name]!

I voted [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Luisa[/name], but I think if you switched it to [name]Rosalie[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name], that would be gorgeous!