Topic Advertising!

This is a topic to advertise all of your topics! [name_m]Just[/name_m] paste a short description of your topic, and its link! Have fun! :blush:

I have a game I want to play but I don’t think it interests many people: Add To A [name_f]Celebrity[/name_f] Sibset

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Cool idea! Sort of like a contents page.

Here are some of my past threads that might be of interest to people:

A space to share information and conversation about adoption! [name_f]Welcome[/name_f] to all.

Black Lives Matter
A thread dedicated to the [name_m]Black[/name_m] Lives Matter movement. [name_f]Share[/name_f] any information that might help people understand the movement.

Book Recommendations based on YOUR list
A thread similar to the snake game whereby you post a list of books you like and someone responds with books you might like based on those suggestions.

Cloth Pads!
A thread about reusable sanitary products for girls and women, specific mainly to cloth pads.

Did you have a good childhood?
A space to talk about your experience of childhood, if you so wish to share that information.

Girl Name Turned Boy Name Chain Game
A game like the snake game where you use the last letter of the last name to suggest a new name, but this time trying out traditionally associated girl’s names on boys.

Leaving Middle Name Blank
A thread to discuss the concept of leaving the space for a middle name blank to allow for individuals to choose their own later in life.

Songs that Speak
A place to gush about songs that mean something to you, or that have lyrics you think hold an important message.

Why are we obsessed with names?
A place to discuss why we’re name-nerds and the positives and negatives of that. I have asked questions that might prompt thought and reflection but feel free to branch out and talk about anything else that you might feel is relevant.

Your Generation
A Poll and thread to talk about what your generation means to you/ how it has affected your life.


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I was going to tag you in this thread because I know you write, @milqtea, but I’ll leave it here.