I was thinking of using these names for three sisters in a story I’m writing…
What do you think of [name]Layla[/name], [name]Taylor[/name], & [name]Molly[/name] together?
I know [name]Layla[/name] and [name]Taylor[/name] sound kinda alike and that [name]Molly[/name] doesn’t really seem to go with them, style wise. But I love the way the L’s flow together.

Although I agree that [name]Taylor[/name] and [name]Layla[/name] are similar as they share an “ay”, I think they’re totally different in style. [name]Taylor[/name] is a unisex name and [name]Layla[/name] is kind of ultrafeminine. Maybe [name]Taylor[/name] could be the tomboy sister in your story and [name]Layla[/name] could be the girly girl. Or better still, freak people out and have [name]Taylor[/name] as the more feminine sister and [name]Layla[/name] as the “son” her parents never had. [name]Just[/name] a thought. [name]Molly[/name] seems like a great youngest sister name. Anyway, good luck with your writing.

i like mischa’s suggestion of [name]Taylor[/name] being supergirly and [name]Layla[/name] being a tomboy. [name]Molly[/name] is DEFINITELY a “little sister” name. [name]Layla[/name] and [name]Molly[/name] work together well in style, but i see your dilemma with [name]Taylor[/name]…
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Ella[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Lucy[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Hallie[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Allie[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Haley[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Celia[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Nola[/name] and [name]Molly[/name]
[name]Layla[/name], [name]Delilah[/name] and [name]Molly[/name] (i like this one, i can see [name]Delilah[/name] being both a tomboy and a girly girl!)