What do you think of [name]Trenton[/name]?

Have you ever been to [name]Trenton[/name], NJ? Not the nicest place. Back in the manufacturing days it had a slogan “whatever [name]Trenton[/name] makes, the world takes.”

I don’t like it because it’s a place name I like it because I like [name]Trent[/name] and it sounds strong and handesome.

I didn’t even know there was a [name]Trenton[/name], NJ so I wouldn’t think of that.
I actually like the name [name]Trenton[/name]. I think it sounds trendy but not like a passing fad; like a name that will remain unique and modern yet classy throughout a child’s years, especially with nn [name]Trent[/name].

I’m not a fan of [name]Trenton[/name], partially because I have had bad associations with a few people who have named their sons [name]Trenton[/name]. I do also think of [name]Trenton[/name], NJ. I kind of like [name]Brent[/name], which is almost like [name]Trent[/name], although [name]Brent[/name] is probably a little bit dated.

I know of [name]Trenton[/name], NJ, but it had to be pointed out for me to notice it. I don’t have a problem with place names as names.

However, I don’t like the sound of it. For some reason, names sounding vaguely like my own bother me. I’d much prefer just [name]Trent[/name].

For some reason I really do like this name. I knew it was a place name. What bothers me about this name is that besides NJ I can’t link it to anything else. If this name had more history behind it I’d like it more. So I like it but wouldn’t use it myself.

I think of [name]Trenton[/name], NJ. [name]Trenton[/name] is the capital on NJ. Any kid who learns their capital cities will know about [name]Trenton[/name], NJ. If the child/adult never lives in the NY/NJ area, it won’t matter too much. But if they decide to live there some day, they might get some weird reactions to their name. What about dropping the ‘ton’ and just naming him [name]Trent[/name]?

Nope… just like everyone else, I think of the capital of New [name]Jersey[/name]. I was born and raised in South [name]Jersey[/name]… so it sounds REALLY strange to me to use that for a baby name.

What about [name]Treyton[/name]? That’s an uncommon name that I’ve been seeing a lot recently.

I prefer [name]Trent[/name]- [name]Trenton[/name], NJ came to mind immediately as well.

I live about 20 minutes away from [name]Trenton[/name], and I wouldn’t call it a beautiful city (I find it bleak and industrial, but maybe it’s just me…).
Besides the city though, I’ve always hit the issue of pronounciation (to emphasize that second t or not?).