Trouble is my middle name.

The playful side of me really wants to give my child a middle name of “Trouble” just so s/he can say the phrase. But I’m thinking trouble translated into a foreign language might go over a bit better. That way s/he can say the phrase when s/he pleases but avoid it while at the airport! Any ideas for translations?

do you have any “mother tongues” in your family history other than english? my own personal opinion is that if you are going to choose a foreign sounding name that it is better to choose a language that has significance for you :slight_smile:

i speak a little french, looked up a few words (trouble, cheeky, mischief) and nothing really stood out as being nameworthy sorry!

Honestly you will look back on this whim in a few years and say to yourself, “What was I thinking!”

I say look for fun quirky names with a bit of a free spirit vibe like [name]Tallulah[/name]


To me this does seem a regret waiting to happen.

At best, [name]Loki[/name] (trickster god) for a boy is the only one that I could suggest, but it’s really not the best namesake.

I believe Jacan means trouble, it’s Hebrew and pronounced ja-KAN, rhyming with Japan. Or you could pick a name from some troublemaker in history, [name]Guy[/name] Fawkes? [name]Henry[/name] VIII? Or something descriptive like [name]Maverick[/name]… or a literary fun one like the playful [name]Puck[/name]. Or after a sciencey game-changer like Freud! Depends what you’re into - and what kind of trouble you mean! Hopefully you mean the mischievous [name]Puck[/name] kind rather than the [name]Charlie[/name] [name]Sheen[/name] kind!

You might have some fun with names of well-known tricksters here: List of fictional tricksters - Wikipedia

I think the name Trouble itself might be a bit too literal :slight_smile:

You can go to and type in trouble, then select any of 65 different languages, although some of them don’t use the Latin alphabet.

Ynnig is correct, according to, Jacan is a Hebrew boy’s name that means trouble.

But I would still think twice about it…