Tru/True for a boy?

Would love to hear opinions on [name]Tru[/name]/[name]True[/name] for a boy. Too cutesy?

I love it, but only as a nickname for [name]Truman[/name]. I’ve considered this name myself!

I agree that it’s a great nickname for [name]Truman[/name]. I wouldn’t use it on its own, even though I do like the sound (probably its similarity to [name]Drew[/name], which I love). Unfortunately I’m one of those people who says “true” all the time in response to things people say, so it would be funny if my kid were called [name]True[/name], but I think it sounds awesome. It could also be a cool middle name or second middle name.

Think it would be a great first name. Any ideas for a middle name?

I like the name [name]True[/name]. If you want to use it as a first name, go for it.