TTC After Infertility

Hey all.

I was curious about other Berries experiences concerning TTC after infertility. [name_f]My[/name_f] son is now 14 months old and DH and I have started talking about TTC. It took us around 3.5 years to get pregnant with him. DH has a valid concern that it may take as long or longer to conceive again. There is no way of knowing until we try, unfortunately. Despite my past preferences and my current interest in having another child, I know we aren’t quite ready to begin trying yet. We are still trying to pay off my medical costs from having our son (yay America). I want time to enjoy spending time with just our son, especially since his first year of life was completely isolated due to COVID. Besides, I had a C-section and recently read that it is healthiest to wait until around the 18 month mark before getting pregnant again. I’m content for now.

That said, how did other Berries which similar circumstances approach TTC again? Did the possible time aspect make you try faster than you originally wanted? I know there is really no right or wrong but I’m just curious :slight_smile:


Hello @namergirl3 :blush: It’s so nice to see you on the forum again!

I haven’t been in exactly the same boat, however I have miscarried twice and the “when, when, when?” thoughts are relatable. I constantly find myself ambivalently stuck between “we need to try because time is racing past” and “it is what it is, but best to wait till we feel completely ready”. I think I lean mostly to the later because trying too soon seems more damaging in the long run to me. If it takes longer, it takes longer, but at least I’ll feel more in the head space - if that makes sense.

We went straight back to TTC after our first loss because I “didn’t want to waste time”, but after our second I realised that time would just have to take a back seat to my mental health.

Like you say, there’s no right or wrong. Whatever you feel comfortable with or ready for is right for you.

If it’s of any encouragement, I know people that took three years to get their first baby, and then the second one only took one cycle - there really is no way of knowing or predicting. I hope things work out simpler for you this next time round.



Hey :slight_smile: thanks! It is nice to hear from you!

That makes complete sense. It is so important to be in the right head space and to be mentally prepared for the journey.

Also, thank you :slight_smile: I think that is one reason we will likely wait until maybe very late this year or early next year to start trying (finances and other things permitting). We could be looking at another years-long process or it could happen that first time. I do hope it goes simpler this time…

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