TTC frustrating

[name_m]Just[/name_m] need to rant abit and get my feelings out to people that may understand. Yes I know it’s only been 2 months of trying but after having 2 miscarriages previously its a very stressful time. I was so so so sure I was pregnant as I had some many symptoms but this morning I had a negative test and then 2 hrs later my stupid period came :sob::broken_heart: just feel so overwhelmed and tired of it all. Could just sit and cry my eyes out as I duno it’s just with every period that comes it’s kind of like losing a baby all over again if that makes sense? I know it’s super early and there’s plenty of time but it’s just frustrating me like why can’t we control our bodies completely and I can just get pregnant whenever I chose. So yeah sorry for the rant but I just needed somewhere to get my frustration out. Im sure it’s partly period hormones making me feel crazy right now but yeah just looking for abit of support to be honest :face_with_diagonal_mouth::frowning:


Hey hon. TTC is definitely tiring and frustrating, especially once you’ve been at it a while or had losses. You’re feelings are valid and it’s okay to cry or be angry. We all wish babies were easier to create, more straightforward to carry, and less stressful to deliver, but here we are and we just make do the best we can. You’re always welcome to join us in the annual TTC group. You’ll get to know and support others going through a similar thing and get supported and listened to in return. :heartpulse: Xx

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Deep breath!!
TTC is lifes biggest adventure and cruelest joke in my experience, it does suck and it’s full of unpredictability, frustration and heartbreak. There’s no splitting hairs about it.
I remember being 2-3 months into the process and being so frustrated that we weren’t the people that got lucky quickly, that got our baby on the first few cycles, then when we did conceive it was a fast flurry of many losses. Not conceiving the first month sucks, not conceiving the 24th month sucks. And there’s no easy way around it.
[name_f]My[/name_f] best suggestion is always to just focus on getting your life in the best possible order for when a baby does show up on the scene, control the things we can and try to accept the things we can’t with grace.
Be mad, be frustrated, scream and cry, but don’t forget to enjoy life now too, I let too much of my life slide by while waiting.

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