TTC - symptoms for #2 different from #1?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] ladies!

You all give such wonderful advice I thought I would ask my question here for the first time…

My DH and I are trying for #2 and I’m in that dreaded TWW time period. I’m at 8DPO and I think I’m having symptoms. For my daughter, I definitely implanted at 7DPO so it’s not totally inconceivable I could be having the first signs now…is it? The only one I’m really keeping an eye out for is sore boobs. That was my first symptom with my daughter and I’m thinking it might be this time too. Actually, the first sign was a tiny bit of implantation bleeding. I haven’t had that at all yet. Maybe I’m just creating it all in my head, but my left boob is sore, my right one is fine (tmi?). I might be going crazy. :-?

Has anyone had totally different early pregnancy symptoms with the second or third (or more) pregnancy? I know the pregnancies themselves can be totally different, but it is possible for me not to have sore boobs this time if I had them the first time? :confused:

[name_m]Just[/name_m] wanted to hear your experiences! Thanks again.

It’s pretty much a fact that if you are looking for symptoms, you will find them. Period symptoms are so similar to pregnancy symptoms. I let the test tell me both times, even though the first time I had implantation bleeding a cramps, which was a telltale sign, I just wasn’t expecting to be pregnant.

You can have similar symptoms or an entirely different set of them.

My pregnancies were fairly similar (at least earlier on), but I had different early pre-testing symptoms. With the oldest, my only symptoms were fatigue and joint pain. With my second, I had no pain, some tiredness but not nearly like the first, and slight nausea.

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can say with a second pregnancy “I’m likely pregnant because it feels the same as my first” or know you’re not because you’re lacking some symptoms. The only person I know who could tell this woke up suddenly after conceiving with very severe nasal congestion/runny nose, and after two pregnancies with this experience knew she was a few days past conception with her third when it happened again.

I love your daughter’s name!

Yes, the symptoms (or lack of) can be very different each time (in my experience, anyway). I was fooled with my second–it took me longer to figure out I was pregnant again because my first was still so young and I definitely didn’t feel exactly the same as I had the first time. Eventually the fatigue hit me and I knew something was up, but I should have been more suspicious early on. Sounds like you are more on top of things than I was, so you probably won’t have that problem. :slight_smile:

I have to say I’m nostalgic for that time at the moment–my husband is saying he refuses to have any more and will run screaming into the night if I get pregnant again. Bummer. Can’t say I blame him; five kids is plenty, but I still have that longing. (Sigh…)

With my daughter, I knew a week before my period was due that I was pregnant because my PMS symptoms were on steroids. I had NO tolerance or patience and everyone was experiencing my wrath. That was the only clue, though. No physical symptoms until maybe a week after my period was due.

With this one, I had no signs. I was actually in the ER with an allergic reaction to antibiotics and since I was having asthma symptoms, they wanted to do a chest x-ray and protocol is to give a pregnancy test. I was shocked when they said it was positive. I started getting symptoms maybe a week later that time too. Sore boobs is always the first, then the nausea around week 6/7.

I will say this, both times I was sick about a week before my period was due. Like, really sick and needing antibiotics. So in my case, it must mess with my immune system or something.

Aw, thank you so much for chiming in.

That’s pretty much what I figured! It’s both symptom spotting creating symptoms and the fact that #2 could be totally different OR the same. Why can’t our bodies be a little easier to read? Oh well, AF isn’t due until late next week so we’ll see then. Without a doubt, AF will tell me one way or the other!

It’s so funny that this thread is posted! I came to the site just now to pose this same question. I believe I ovulated 8 days ago and have been having some weird symptoms the last 2 days. Typical stuff; nausea, fatigue, headaches, dizziness… All that could possibly also be premenstrual. The kicker for me though was that last night I had made a delicious dessert and when the time came to dig in after dinner, I took one small bite and couldn’t even look at it anymore. That was a huge (and surprising) thing when I was pregnant with my daughter. My usual sweet tooth was totally [name_f]MIA[/name_f]! I’ve also been having an increase in cm, but again, that could be regular hormones too… Ugh. I guess I have to wait it out huh?! Lol!

It’s so hard, those two weeks. I just got AF this morning so I know it was all in my head (again). I kinda felt like I wasn’t pregnant this time, though. I just hoped, ya know?

But that’s okay. We still have this next month!

Asche926 - I totally know what you mean. It’s weird what we start to realize about our own bodies when we’re pay such close attention to it. I felt so fatigued and funky this last week, I though it had to be pregnancy symptoms until I realized the one big symptom (boobs being sore) wasn’t really there. With my last pregnancy I could barely stand it and this time…nothing so I kinda had a suspicion it wasn’t going to happen this round.

Fingers crossed for you!! [name_f]Hope[/name_f] you get a BFP!