Hello! Not TTC just yet but thinking about next year and I want to give us the best chance because I just read somewhere you should be taking folic acid 3 months before TTC??

Our situation is: I have PCOS but my only real symptom is the not ovulating. When TTC the first time I’d have really long gaps of up to 5 months of no ovulating and the windows when I did would be really small but I’d still gets LH surges but a cyst would develop. So it was really difficult to predict. In the end we sought help and fell pregnant on our fifth round of Clomid.

I’ve now got the implant, my baby is 11 months old, still BF and no periods yet. I’ve heard good things about Myova, so was thinking I need to be taking folic acid and Myova in advance of having the implant removed. Any ideas how long I should be taking it for, any other supplements you would recommend?

I have no experience with pcos so I can’t speak for that, but I do know it is highly recommended that you start folic acid 2/3 months before getting pregnant. So if your planning on trying to conceive I would start taking it as soon as possible

However with that being said there are many many babies who are conceived by surprise and still are healthy. Folic acid just reduces the risk of baby developing neural tube defects. Which is a very good thing! But just because you didn’t take it doesn’t mean your baby will have neural tube defects. So even if you got pregnant first try and hadn’t started taking or just started taking folic acid the chances are your baby will still be fine!

Also just looking at it it looks like myova contains folic acid, so I don’t know if you would have to take folic acid with myova or if myova would provide the amount of folic acid needed, that’s definitely something I would ask my obgyn.

I follow a lady on instagram (@mama_wilder) who swears by something called myo-inosotil for pcos. I’m not sure if it specifically targets ovulation, but it certainly seems to regulate the other symptoms of pcos and female hormones in general so it could be worth looking into!

Might also be worth looking into methylated folate as an alternative to folic acid as women with pcos tend to have issues with under-methylation which means they can’t absorb most synthetic nutrients. In this way, folate is actually relevant to fertility.

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] I don’t have PCOS but just like to say come join us on the TTC group if you like. Friendly space for anyone trying this year, like the name suggests :blush:. I have also heard about Myo inosital! It’s meant to be really good for PCOS. So perhaps that’s worth a try.