Twin sisters for Willem - and third name needed

Dear Berries,

We are expecting twin girls in [name]July[/name] and are still searching for names. We have a four year old boy named WillemAntonand would like one more child in a few years, because we always wanted four kids. So right now we are searching for two girls names, but would love some suggestions on a third name (boy or girl) as well to have a complete sibling set ready.

My husband is Canadian (his name is [name]Timothy[/name]) and I have Dutch and [name]German[/name] parents (my name is [name]Anika[/name]). We therefore want names that are not too hard to say for my European family and that match our sons name Willem(which is the Dutch version of [name]William[/name]). I am not opposed to names that are in the top 100 (for instance I love Amandaand Hannah), but my husband would prefer lesser popular names.

Our last name is Eals which makes it hard to choose a name that ends with an –ee, -y or –ie or has only one syllable. We are a little stuck right now.

We have a short list for the girls’ names, which includes my choices of Linneaor Leonie(I cannot decide), Johannaor Hannah, Elsa(Does that fit with our last name?? I am unsure about this one), Emilia, Marlenaand Flora. My husband loves girlier names like Arielle, Arabelle, Eleanora, Cassandraor Francesca(which I think does not match our son’s name). I also really love Brynn, Liliasand Islabut I don’t know if they are a good match.

For a boy I always liked the name Nicholas/Niklas, but my husband finds it too common. He loves the names Rylanand Dashiellmost.

We would love some suggestions on how to build our sibset with b/g/g/g or b/g/g/b. Although they told us we were having twin girls I just want to have one boy’s name on our list – just in case.

P.S. Names that we cannot use are our nieces and nephews names Juliette, Juliana, Marie, Alexanderand Amaya(or variations thereof).

Many thanks!!