Two girls I met

So, I was helping out at a day care center and this little girl needed help, and before I asked her what she needed help with I asked what her name was and she said “Belly”. I assumed it was [name]Bailey[/name] so I said “Ok, [name]Bailey[/name]…” but she corrected me and said “Belly”, and I saw her name on a board and it was definitely Belly. What kind of name is Belly? Im sorry, but thats quite a weird name.

I was at a friends house and her mom mentioned a cousin named Eshley. So, I asked her if that was true and she said yes that her name was that. Weird, huh?

Maybe Belly is her nn for [name]Isabella[/name] or another -bella name?

Wow, I hope it is a nickname for [name]Isabella[/name], as the other poster suggested. But it’s still an unfortunate nickname. Cute with family, but not in a school/daycare setting.