two middles...

What do you think? Theoretically I love the idea of getting to use two middles, just because then I get to pick an extra name! Plus, I think there’s something really classy about the way it sounds. On the other hand, some people say that it’s a big pain with paperwork and everything. What are your opinions? I’d love to hear from people who have/ whose kids have two middle names, how has it worked out?

I have been planning for years to give my children two middle names. Partially because of my love for names and my wish as a child that I’d had a second one, but also because I intend to adopt internationally and I want my children to all have the same number of names and still have the ability to incorporate my adopted children’s birth names and still have the honor of naming them myself as well. I know it might cause some paperwork hiccups but I figure after homestudies and all the rest of the papermill, a little more paper work isn’t going to scare me.

That is something I wonder about also!! And I know that if you do it for one kiddo you should probably do it for the others, too, but I have two middles for boys but have a hard time coming up with two that sound good togeather for girls :frowning:

Well, I’m 41 and have lived with two middles forever. It’s really not that big a deal these days. If they’re needed for forms & such, there’s always room and if they’re not needed, just use the first one! [name]Both[/name] my middles are long, [name]Elisabeth[/name] & [name]Susanne[/name], and It’s even on my SS card. I loved having two middles so much I gave all three of my kids two middles as well. I got lucky and ended up with a guy with two middles too! Although I got mine because of family tradition (myself and both my siblings have 2 middles), he got his because he is the only boy in the family and the youngest. His sisters don’t have two middles!

It’s really not a big hassle, honest, and I use the middle spot for honoring but it doesn’t have to be. As long as the whole thing flows, it’s alright with me. I find, as the population of the world increases, it’s another way to “stand out” as it were. I like it and wouldn’t consider dropping one!