Two names that have been creeping their way into my heart...

[name]Silas[/name] and [name]Declan[/name].

I really didn’t care about them a month or two ago but I keep coming back to them today, and they’ve been growing on me for a while! I can’t decide if I love them enough for my top 10, but [name]Silas[/name] was once on my top 3… Thoughts, please?

[name]Caleb[/name], [name]Jack[/name], [name]Asher[/name], [name]Everett[/name], [name]Grayson[/name], [name]Brody[/name], [name]Spencer[/name], and [name]Bailey[/name] are the set 8 on my short list–do [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Declan[/name] fit with those? At all? Other candidates for the last two spots are [name]Avery[/name], [name]Beckett[/name], [name]Henry[/name], [name]Boone[/name], and [name]Lincoln[/name]–do any of those fit better?

Thanks, ladies!

I like them both a lot! I think [name]Declan[/name] is a perfect fit!!! [name]Silas[/name] not so much. I think it is a great name but I think [name]Silas[/name] has more of an old man feel then any of your other names. I don’t think I could see [name]Spencer[/name] and [name]Brody[/name] having a brother named [name]Silas[/name]. I think [name]Silas[/name] has great MN potential for you though :slight_smile:

I love [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Declan[/name]! [name]Both[/name] names I’d strongly consider, especially [name]Silas[/name]! I think they both sound awesome with names like [name]Asher[/name] & [name]Everett[/name]! Really, any in your top 8. Great names.

I think [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Declan[/name] are both great names. [name]Silas[/name] seems to be a slightly better fit, but then again [name]Declan[/name] and [name]Brody[/name] match well. As for the others, I love [name]Boone[/name] and [name]Lincoln[/name]. [name]Boone[/name] would be a great fit for your list.

They ALL fit [name]IMO[/name] though certain ones of them sound more like brother names than others.

I really love [name]Silas[/name], and [name]Declan[/name] is also a very nice name. They fit well with the rest on your list.

[name]Declan[/name] is such an awesome name. I like the nn [name]Dex[/name].

Not 100% on [name]Silas[/name] myself.

I think they both blend in -particularly [name]Caleb[/name], [name]Bailey[/name] and [name]Declan[/name]- they somehow match but sound completely different.

[name]Silas[/name] fits with [name]Asher[/name] and [name]Caleb[/name] for me, while [name]Declan[/name] fits with [name]Jack[/name], [name]Spencer[/name], and [name]Everett[/name]. [name]Henry[/name] fits with both of those sets equally, half old-school traditionalist and half on tasteful-but-trendy yupster name.

Thanks, ladies! I’m still not sure where I stand–I really like them both but I’m not sure I can imagine using either of them. I have always loved the feel of [name]Silas[/name] but now that my style seems to be changing, I’m not sure I love it as much. I love seeing others consider them, but I’m not sure they’re quite right for me. I think I do prefer [name]Boone[/name], [name]Avery[/name], [name]Lincoln[/name], [name]Henry[/name], and [name]Beckett[/name] over them all.

[name]Lindsay[/name] - sadly, I can’t even imagine using [name]Silas[/name] as a MN at all! It just seems like a FN or nothing sort of name for me, although now that I think about it, it maybe could be a MN for [name]Beckett[/name]… [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Silas[/name] [name]Finn[/name]? Eh. Maybe. I don’t know. haha. I think I like even [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Declan[/name] _____ more than [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Silas[/name].

Ooh I like [name]Declan[/name] as a FN for you but I really like [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Declan[/name]!!!

I like all the names you listed. I heard [name]Declan[/name] recently and really like it. [name]Avery[/name] is one of my favorite male names. You have great taste in names!

I love [name]Declan[/name]. I think [name]Beckett[/name] fits better than [name]Silas[/name].

I’ve started to love [name]Silas[/name] a lot lately. He made it into my top five out of nowhere. [name]Declan[/name] just isn’t for me. I would say [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Avery[/name] should make it into your top names.

[name]Lindsay[/name]–you like [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Declan[/name]? I do, too, but I’m afraid it’s a bit too “eck” heavy… Hmm. I do need a [name]Beckett[/name] combo. All I’ve had so far is [name]Beckett[/name] _____ [name]Finn[/name]. I used to love [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Aaron[/name]/[name]Beckett[/name] [name]Aaron[/name] [name]Charles[/name], but I’m not sure about that… I need a first MN for [name]Avery[/name], too. I’ve been thinking [name]Avery[/name] [name]Samuel[/name] or [name]Avery[/name] [name]Leo[/name], but I’m not sure I love them with [name]George[/name]. [name]Avery[/name] [name]Silas[/name] might be an option?

I think it is a little “eck” heavy but it is too cute and quirky for me to care! Maybe [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Declan[/name] [name]Charles[/name] or [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Charles[/name] [name]Declan[/name] to break up the “eck”. What about [name]Avery[/name] [name]Samuel[/name] [name]Leo[/name]? I think it would be perfect :slight_smile:

It’s weird, but [name]Silas[/name] used to be my top name and now I can see very limited appeal of it. It’s not a bad name by any means, I guess it’s just not my style anymore.

[name]Declan[/name] has been growing on me also. Like you, a few months ago I didn’t really care for it, but lately it has really grown in appeal. There’s something quite handsome about it.

We have similar taste! :slight_smile: My DS is [name]Everett[/name], but [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Jack[/name] were both thrown around as possibilities, and now we’re considering [name]Declan[/name] or [name]Caleb[/name] for baby #2! Anyway, I love your whole list and think that [name]Silas[/name] and [name]Declan[/name] both fit in nicely! :slight_smile: