Two New Names: Saskia and L”adan

I’ve been thinking about these two lately-- what do you think?

L”adan: Irish, meaning ‘grey lady’. There’s an unfortunate mythological connection, but I think it’s such a lovely name. I love the pronunciation ‘[name]LEE[/name]-a-dan’, but unfortunately I think it’s actually ‘[name]LEE[/name]-din’, which I don’t find nearly as nice…

[name]Saskia[/name]: I just rediscovered this name, and it’s a contender for my favorites list. I pronounce it ‘sahs-kee-a’, but there’s also ‘sass-kee-a’ or ‘zahs-kee-a’.

So… opinions? Middle name or sibling name suggestions, even? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I knew a [name]Saskia[/name], love the name. I’ve never heard of Liadan though.

Thanks! Yeah, Liadan is pretty obscure…