Two S names - lean in or change for third?

I’ve been thinking about baby #3. We have two children, both with first names that begin with S (S3lah and Sh3pherd). This wasn’t something we set out to do, it just happened. Now for the third baby, do we lean in to S name trend we have set and give baby a first name that begins with S? Or do we make a departure? I’d love to hear your opinion!

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I think you could go either way here! Especially because your kids’ names have different beginning sounds, you could definitely find another “S” name that wouldn’t overlap too much. But for the same reason, I highly doubt that a third baby would feel left out if they had a different initial. And opening up to other letters would give you lots more options! Overall, I’d say if you actively like the idea of matching initials, and you find an “S” name you love, I see no reason not to go for it. But my personal preference in this situation would be a non-“S” name, and I don’t see any problem with doing that! Two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern, imo (also something to consider if there’s any chance you’d have more than three).

Tl;dr: I see no issue either way, but my personal preference would be to switch it up! :blush:

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Personally I would go with a non S name as it doesn’t feel like a set pattern yet. For me three names beginning with the same letter is a pattern and it may be jolting to change it up. Choose the name you love the most!

I would say if you don’t plan on having more then stick with S. However, if you plan on a fourth you can change the letter. For example,

S, S, and A would be weird but, S, S, A, and C would make more sense.

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[name_f]My[/name_f] thoughts exactly :ok_hand:

The different starting sounds make the pattern (if you can call two names a “pattern”) only really visible on paper, so you really could go either way here.

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you have a list yet? In your shoes, I would just work on finding some names you love, whatever the initial, and let fate (and your name tastes) decide!

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Do you like anothe S name? I’d say only stick with it if you love another s name

I think it depends if you would have another child after the 3rd one then you could have the first two with S names then the 3rd & 4th children with both the same letter at the start. If you only plan on only 3 not using a S name may seem a bit unusual.

If u want another S name, I like [name_u]Spencer[/name_u] with ur older kids names.

Or a name that has an S in it?


I’d say if you plan to only have three kids, you could go either way, and if you plan to have more then probably change it up unless you really love a specific S name!

[name_f]My[/name_f] vote would be not to use an S name. I agree with a previous poster, that two is a coincidence, three is a pattern. Forsure if there is a possibility of more children in the future, you’ll feel more locked in next time if there’s three S’s.
That said, if the name you are most in love with starts with S, than go for it.
Last, but not least, I absolutely adore your children’s names! Those are two names I would be proud to say I had children named! Great job :smile:

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Seconded! FWIW, my dad is one of five siblings and three of them have S names, plus an M and a C, and I honestly barely notice. I don’t think a third child with no S would feel left out.

Since your kids names start with different sounds, it won’t sound matchy or out of place either way! I actually like the idea of breaking off the trend, but that’s just me!

just depends on whichever name you like better!

I’d say stick with S if you find a name you love. Otherwise, feel free to depart and try something different.