UK/USA differences

I’ve noticed a lot of people on here talking about how certain names become too trendy and common when they get used too much and then list names I’ve never actually known someone using.

There seems to be a large difference between the UK and USA (and other countries of course) so can you think of any names you think have become over used to see if other countries agree. Or names you hear people say are over used but aren’t where you are from.

In the usa there were trends for names like [name]Madison[/name], [name]Jason[/name], [name]Corey[/name] and [name]Cody[/name] but I’ve never heard any english kids with these names even when I was younger (apart from one [name]Jason[/name]).

[name]Audrey[/name], [name]Avery[/name] and [name]Adelaide[/name] also seem popular according tot this site but I’ve never heard anyone use these names in [name]England[/name] (apart from [name]Audrey[/name] and that’s only for old ladies)

It goes the other way too. [name]Georgiana[/name], [name]Ruby[/name], and all things nicknames are way more common in england that in in the U.S.

^ Oh of course.
There was a phase of [name]Callum[/name], [name]Ryan[/name], [name]Jack[/name], [name]Joseph[/name] & [name]Joshua[/name] over here too but I don’t think those names are as popular in [name]America[/name]. At least not right now.
Not a lot of American celebrities giving their kids names like [name]Archie[/name] either.
[name]Charlie[/name] has also been so popular over here for a few years.

For a mid-sized northern Canadian city in the 0-6 range [name]Jadyn[/name], [name]Aidan[/name], [name]Jaylin[/name] etc are popular of course. I have only met one nevaeh thank goodness. [name]Haylee[/name] and variants, Creative spellings, and the name isabel are fairly popular. Also although not popular i bet you guys have not met a child named Onntario, and yes with two ns. (i work at a family fun centre doing parties.)