Unappealing? Teasing? What?

I did a search of names ending in -ing, as I’ve recently got an interest in [name]Evening[/name].

You do not have [name]Evening[/name], but you do have Unappealing and Teasing? As variants of perfectly legit names?

I really don’t think a site creator’s personal opinions should be placed on name information pages, especially when it’s negative. Teasing is NOT a variation of [name]Azzam[/name], and I find it sort of horrible that you have it there.

Plus, if someone sees it on your site… wouldn’t that give them the idea that naming their little girl “Unappealing” is okay? (“OH well, it’s on that cute name site, so i’m going to use it for my baby”)

I was really impressed with many things here up until I saw that.

Some words have strayed into the wrong place in the database and we’re working on pulling them out, so it would be great if everyone would let us know when and where they find those. That said, one of the thing that distinguishes this site and our books from all the others is that we do tell the truth about names as we see it. It’s all subjective, of course, and you’re free to disagree (we sometimes do). But we believe it’s better to be honest about names when parents are in the selection process than to offer nothing more than origins and meanings and leave parents and children to discover difficult truths about a name when it’s too late to do anything about it.

By the way, I asked our engineer to correct these mistakes. “Teasing” was meant to be at the end of the sentence describing [name]Azzam[/name]…“may be open to some shazzam teasing.” And unappealing indeed was meant to describe [name]Zulma[/name]…though I softened it to “Less than appealing.”

Plus, I added [name]Evening[/name] to the database, and I think you’ll be pleased what I said about it – it’s a lovely name and you obviously have creative good taste!

While looking over female names, starting with M, I noticed an entry for “Mrs” and the entry for that name said it was a variation of [name]Ivana[/name]. This is listed in the entry for [name]Ivana[/name] also. It is linked in the description where the word Mrs appears next to Trump, and again at the end of the list of valid variations.

ooh - I actually don’t mind [name]Evening[/name]! It is one of the best times of the day, so it has positive associations for most, plus it has the benefit of shortening to a more common name as a nn ([name]Eve[/name] or [name]Eva[/name]).

I feel off topic, but: [name]Evening[/name] sounds like a good name but I also hear it in my head as evening, like in evening out, leveling off or spreading evenly, smoothing. Dusk is not a really nice word even though it’s the same time of day. Maybe once the Twilight books/movies fad is over, Twilight can be a good name. [name]Twyla[/name] is still a good name, [name]Eve[/name] is still a good name.

“Mrs” is still linked (noticed it in the blog entry yesterday) to an entry describing it as a variation of [name]Ivana[/name].