Unique Names

I was just wondering if anyone had any unique baby names that you dont hear very often. I have read books and searched websites but most of the names are so unusual i wouldnt use them! I have a few examples of the names i already have…

[name]Aurelle[/name] (Or-el)
[name]Sabre[/name] ([name]Say[/name]-bra)
[name]Jasper[/name] (yes for a girl)
[name]Echo[/name] (E-ko)
Birklyn ([name]Berk[/name]-lin)
Pharow (Fair-row)
Sidani ([name]Sid[/name]-anee)
Erisine ([name]Air[/name]-is-een)

Bravyn (Brave-in)
Deshin (Desh-in)
Taenyon ([name]Tan[/name]-yon)
[name]Oralis[/name] (Or-al-is)
Cayal ([name]Cay[/name]-al)
Malix ([name]Mal[/name]-icks)
Keston (Kest-in)

Aritzia (yes I know there is a store with this name, but I knew a girl once with the name before the store)