Unique Nicknames

Have you ever met someone with a popular or ordinary name that still managed to stick out by using an original nickname? Two examples that stick out in my mind are a classmate named [name]Nicholas[/name] who went by Olas instead of [name]Nick[/name], and a family friend named [name]Kimberly[/name] who goes by Berly instead of [name]Kim[/name].
Any others?

Cool topic! :slight_smile:

I knew an [name]Abraham[/name] who went by [name]Bram[/name], a [name]Samantha[/name] who went by Mantha, a [name]Katherine[/name] who went by [name]Kat[/name] instead of [name]Katie[/name], an [name]Elizabeth[/name] who goes by Biz (actually, I know a few), a [name]Natalie[/name] who goes by [name]Tally[/name], and a [name]Sarah[/name] who went by [name]Sadie[/name] (and at the time, I think she was the only [name]Sadie[/name] under the age of 80).

Here are a few that I know…

[name]Elizabeth[/name] - E-Z
[name]Alexis[/name] - [name]Issy[/name]
[name]Andrew[/name] - [name]Ander[/name]
[name]Mason[/name] - [name]Sonny[/name]

ive met an elizabeth thats nick name was biz and a meredith whos nick name was dithy.

[name]Michael[/name]: [name]Mack[/name]
[name]Michelle[/name]: [name]Mitch[/name]
[name]Dolores[/name]: [name]Doe[/name]