unisex name

I want to name my baby girl [name]Skylar[/name], opinions…?

I love [name]Skylar[/name]/[name]Skyler[/name]…I think the nickname [name]Sky[/name]/[name]Skye[/name] is too cute! :slight_smile:

I do know a girl named [name]Skylar[/name], but I’m just not a fan.

Skylark is pretty cool, though.

I have met both boys and girls with the name [name]Skylar[/name] the boy’s that I’ve met that spelled theirs [name]Skyler[/name]. I think it could work as a boy or girl name. [name]Sky[/name] or [name]Skye[/name] is a cute nn!

Ooooooo…I love this idea! I’ve never thought of it before, but it is SUCH an awesome name!

[name]Skylar[/name] is a pretty name…I’ve always considered this more of a girls name then a boys name.

I personally can’t stand the name because [name]Skye[/name]/[name]Sky[/name] sounds soooo tacky to me. However! I associate the name with Breaking Bad and love [name]Skyler[/name]'s character (haha unpopular opinion, I know)