Unusual nature names for girls?


I was browsing various naming sites and came across a list of unusual nature names. A few struck me initially as odd but after thinking about them I started to see how they could work. What do you think? Which would you consider using? Any you think should definitely be off limits?


I’m particularly drawn to Waterfall, [name]Ember[/name] and [name]Breeze[/name] - don’t think I’d use any but pretty :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use any except maybe [name]Ember[/name]. I know a girl named [name]Breeze[/name] and I think its awfully tacky!

I do like the idea though. What about: [name]Meadow[/name], [name]Daffodil[/name], [name]Blossom[/name], [name]Cricket[/name], Sunflower

[name]Evening[/name] has been on my list for a good 10 years. I think it is incredibly beautiful and truly rare. Also love the nn [name]Evie[/name], which has a more familiar feel.

I also like [name]Breeze[/name], but perhaps only as a mn.

hmm yes tintri, [name]Evie[/name] does make [name]Evening[/name] that bit more approachable doesn’t it. [name]Blossom[/name] is lovely too!

Bramble- this is cute like Thistle or [name]Briar[/name]
[name]Breeze[/name]- makes me think Easy Breezey or of a [name]Bay[/name] [name]Breeze[/name] or Sea [name]Breeze[/name] cocktail
[name]Cloud[/name]- it’s out there. Soundwise I prefer [name]Clover[/name], imagerywise [name]Sky[/name]
Dew- I think Mountain Dew soda
[name]Ember[/name]- very usable but nms reminds me of [name]Amber[/name]
[name]Evening[/name]- very sweet. Someone suggested this to me as an [name]Eve[/name] variation and I love it. Especially for a baby born in the evening.
Moonlight- I like just [name]Moon[/name]. [name]Luna[/name] is ok
[name]Morning[/name]- not w it sharing the sound of mourning
Sunlight- [name]Sunny[/name] is cute, but this is too much for me
Sunrise- too much for me
Sunset- too much
Waterfall- dislike. [name]Plenty[/name] of teasing potential if she’s clumsy

I really like Bramble it’s kind of rough & tumble. I would use as a mn. I think all are fine in the mn spot.

I like [name]Cloud[/name] for a boy and [name]Ember[/name] for a girl. Those are the only two I would use. My favorite “out there” nature name is [name]Ravine[/name], but I also like Thistle, Calendula and Plumeria.

I would use [name]Cloud[/name] for a boy and [name]Ember[/name] for a girl, both as middle names. The other names are not really my style, I think I would rather find a name that has it in its meaning.

[name]Evening[/name] is a gp of mine!

I think of the ones listed [name]Ember[/name] and [name]Breeze[/name] are the mos usable, the others maybe as middles…

These just seem ridiculous to me and better on a cat or dog

The only one I feel is usable is [name]Ember[/name]. [name]Love[/name] that one. I actually knew a girl named [name]Breeze[/name] when I was in elementary school and even as a kid, I thought it was a strange name.

Posted ones on my list in bold, and the gender, the rest I just like.
Bramble - girl
[name]Breeze[/name] - boy
[name]Cloud[/name] - both
[name]Ember[/name] - boy
[name]Evening[/name] - both
[name]Morning[/name] - both

Bramble - I would consider this, but I think I prefer [name]Briar[/name].
[name]Ember[/name] - Quite like this, though I think I still love [name]Emerald[/name] more.
Sunrise / Sunset - This is not Fiddler on the Roof, but in my family I know that is what she/he would hear.

I wouldn’t use [name]Evening[/name] but it reminds me of [name]Twila[/name], which I do like.

I’ve heard [name]Ember[/name] being used before. My favorite off this list is [name]Cloud[/name]! I [name]LOVE[/name] this name! It’s alway been a love of mine, I love it on both a boy and a girl but I absolutely adore it on a boy. I also really like [name]Evening[/name] and Dew. Some other unusual nature names I love:


Bramble: too prickly
[name]Breeze[/name]: very usable, probably more as a middle name as long as the first name isn’t [name]Summer[/name] or [name]Autumn[/name]
[name]Cloud[/name]: usable more as a middle name
Dew: very usable by similarity to [name]Dewey[/name]
[name]Ember[/name]: very usable
[name]Evening[/name]: usable
Moonlight: too hippie dippy as a first name
[name]Morning[/name]: usable, although you’d have to be careful about what you pair it with
Sunlight: too hippie dippy as a first name
Sunrise: ditto
Sunset: ditto
Waterfall: ditto

Thanks for posting this list! It’s really cool!

Bramble – I wouldn’t use this because it means thorn, but it has a fun sound.
[name]Breeze[/name] – I don’t really like this one for a name.
[name]Cloud[/name] – Reminds me of “cloud-computing” haha
Dew – This would make such an unexpected and nice middle! Idk which gender it works best for.
[name]Ember[/name] – [name]Love[/name] this! I especially like it as a nn for [name]September[/name] though.
[name]Evening[/name] – Wow, I had never considered this as a name before. Pretty!
Moonlight – A little too much
[name]Morning[/name] – I love this one too!
Sunlight – [name]Little[/name] too much
Sunrise – Ditto
Sunset – Ditto
Waterfall – Ditto

I love nature names but not crazy about any of these. Maybe for a mn


I think I’d be most likely to use Bramble, but on a boy. Reminds me of [name]Bram[/name], so would be a good way to get to [name]Bram[/name] as a nickname.

I love the name [name]Skye[/name]. The name [name]Cielo[/name] is also the spanish word for sky which is pretty :slight_smile: I also like [name]Willow[/name] and [name]Zen[/name]

I’ve always been a sucker for nature and word names.

Bramble–this is cute and unique, and fits well in the [name]Briar[/name] and Bracken family.
[name]Cloud[/name]–I could see this working as a boy’s name.
Dew–this would be cute as a mn but I wouldn’t use it as a fn
[name]Ember[/name]–beautiful alternative to [name]Amber[/name], with nn’s [name]Em[/name], [name]Emmy[/name], [name]Emma[/name]. Could also be spelled Embyr.
[name]Evening[/name]–a guilty pleasure for me, with nn’s [name]Eve[/name] and [name]Evie[/name]. I don’t know if I could actually name my child [name]Evening[/name], but it’s so lovely.

Chinook (a warm high speed wind)

Ooo [name]September[/name] nn [name]Ember[/name] and [name]Maple[/name] are lovely ideas!

Actually starting to consider using [name]Ember[/name] as our girls name if we have a 4th… [name]Vale[/name], [name]Flynn[/name], [name]Darby[/name] and [name]Ember[/name] as siblings? Would you know [name]Ember[/name] was the only girl? Does that matter?