Unusual nature names for girls?

[name]Ember[/name] is beautiful! I just wish it wasn’t so close to [name]Amber[/name] which is much too over used. Bramble has a really cute sound but in actuality a Bramble is a prickly bush not a great image. [name]Cloud[/name] is usable but nms. I wouldn’t use the others. Although I love nature I prefer to find names have nature meaning without actually being the nature word.

P.S. I do like the name [name]River[/name] though

I think [name]Ember[/name] is lovely! [name]Vale[/name], [name]Flynn[/name], [name]Darby[/name], and [name]Ember[/name] all work well together, in my opinion. They’re all somewhat unisex, though I think [name]Vale[/name], [name]Flynn[/name] are masculine and [name]Ember[/name] is feminine. I think [name]Darby[/name] could go either way (though I prefer it for a boy, as you have used.) And anyway, I honestly don’t think it matters. People would figure out soon after meeting them that [name]Ember[/name] was the only girl, I’m sure!

I think [name]Ember[/name] is lovely, and I think it goes with your other children’s names so well! While it could theoretically be unisex, its proximity to [name]Amber[/name] makes it feminine to me. I think all your children’s names could be unisex, but I definitely find [name]Flynn[/name] and [name]Vale[/name] masculine. [name]Darby[/name] could go either way (though I prefer it on a boy). So, upon first glance, someone may not know that [name]Ember[/name] is the only girl. But I honestly don’t think it matters. Upon meeting your children, I’m sure they’d figure it out!

They sound like [name]Fairy[/name] names. Definitely fit for middle name spots only! In the first name spot they are too hippy trippy for me.