Update: Not getting kitten

Update: The lady (now former friend) contacted me when these kittens were days old asking if I wanted one and I immediately said yes, we want a female. We had her name picked and everything. In the weeks of waiting for them to be ready, she refused to talk to me about them and let me know how they were doing, etc. She then messaged me to brag that her mom gave her one of the kittens and sent me pictures of two kittens… I asked why there was two if she was only claiming one, Elsa… She then tells me she’s trying to find that one a new home AFTER she gave the kitten to our neighbor and he returned it because their dog tried to kill it… I asked if we could still have the kitten and she ignored me the rest of the night. Any time I asked about us getting the kitten, the topic was changed. She then told me 3 days later that her mom took the kitten back because she found it a home. Then she asked me if I’d be okay with a male because she had two left and I said yes… That was 3 days ago and she still isn’t giving me any answers about the kitten so I’m done trying to get one.



If you want a kitten there are plenty in shelters!

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Knowing the shelters in my area, I’ll pass.

I think that is best for your sanity to just forget about this source for a kitten. I guess if they just bring it to you then you could take him or her, but otherwise, I wouldn’t pursue it. There has been 2 times when I tried to adopt an animal the people I was dealing with didn’t do what they said, so I am familiar with the frustration!

I have given up completely. She did this to us with the female kitten and then again with a male kitten. A family friend had a kitten for us and then suddenly didn’t because my grandfather told him not to give it to us simply because he’s still mad that I threw a fit because he went behind my back and bought my son a rabbit for his 1st birthday. I would have been fine with it had he been older but they got him a buck and they are aggressive. I didn’t want to risk him hurting my son so he ended up becoming my rabbit because he is extremely. He bites and scratches my fiance and he always thumps and throws himself around the cage when my son is in the room with him. He doesn’t act like that with me though. I found a gorgeous kitten on a Facebook page and she was in the area of my grandparents so I called to see if they could pick it up and bring it to me when they took me and my son to his OT appointment and they lost it on me and ended up not taking us to the appointment thankfully she cancelled last minute because she doesn’t have her life together and had to make it across town to a meeting. Needless to say, it’s not in the cards for anything to go right in my life and it’s really disappointing that I can’t make this work out for my son. [name_f]My[/name_f] grandparents are the type of people that can spoil my child but if I try to do anything small for him I’m a bad mom and he’s going to be ungrateful and entitled when he’s older.