Use or Save Middle Name? (For future first name..)

We have a first and middle girl name picked out. The middle name is one we both love as a first name for a second daughter (if we were to have one). Has anyone else experienced this? I’m torn between using it this time as a middle name vs. saving it for a first name just in case we have a second girl (which could mean it might not get used at all, if future babies are boys).

Oh, that’s a tough situation! [name_f]Do[/name_f] you have other girl names you love almost as much as the possible second daughter’s name, or are those the only two names that you and your partner agree on? If you do have other names you love, I would say go ahead and risk it. It might be a little sad not to be able to use the second name if you do have a second daughter (although, there’s no actual rule against reusing a middle name as another child’s first if you end up still wanting to use it – just not preferable), but it could be even sadder never to be able to use the name at all. However, if those two are really the only names you adore, then I would probably save it, especially if you’re planning to have several children and there’s more of a possibility that you might have another daughter.

This will be a tough decision…

My advice is that whatever you eventually choose to do, stand by it, and stay confident about it. Believe that it was the right choice to make, and don’t look back. You will have made a reasonable decision regardless, so no guilt!

I would brainstorm ideas for other middles just in case.