Users who came back after a long time, why did you return?

The new interface allows us to see a user’s first post if it’s been months since their last. This has made some of us alert to just how many users come back after months of absence.

It’s also gotten me curious, and I’m sure others. To all users who have left and came back, how long did you leave for and what kept you away and made you decide to return? This is not to be interrogatory but rather out of curiosity.

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I’ve noticed a lot of “come and go” users do so because they are only here for the literal purpose of finding names. They disappear once the baby arrives and the return when the next little human needs a name. I think there’s two types of Berries - those that come only for names and those that stay for the community.


I’m active at the moment but I’d say that in the last two years or so I’d go months without coming on here, return for a week or two, then leave again for a few more months.

A lot of it was because I didn’t like how much time I spent on here and I wanted to focus more on school (quarantine has meant that I have a lot more free time to get more active on Nameberry, but I’ll probably stop posting again within a month or two as I start my A levels).

Also- I felt like there wasn’t anything I gained by posting on here. I still worked on my name list privately and I could look through old threads if I really wanted someone else’s input, but I didn’t find posting necessary for what I wanted / I didn’t have any particularly interesting commentary to provide :woman_shrugging:


This, exactly. If your baby is already named, and it’s not exactly nessecary to stay (yes, I know I spelled that wrong…) then they might just think it’s pointless to stay?

I’m type two :grin:

Also, can I move this to all about nameberry?


Likewise! :grin:

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I couldn’t imagine not being type two :grin:
Also, I think that this should be in the All About Nameberry category, because it is about Nameberry… or is that just me?

I’m type 1.5.

When I need to name a baby, I come to ask questions. And when we’ve had the baby, I come to share the good news.

But then I stick around for a bit. Last time, about a year and a half ago, it was a month or so. Previous times have been similar. But this time, the birth of the baby coincided with my longest ever holiday from work (9 weeks). And I got addicted.

But I do pretty much question every single day why I am on NB. It’s so addictive, but the demographic of the community feels like 65% teenberries and 35% other female name nerds and .05% other males, like you @GenEric. Is it taking away from things I should legit be doing? Is it actually helping anyone — are any of my suggestions at all valuable? Is it how I want to be spending my time, when I have other bigger passions (languages, ancient history, writing, etc)? Is it robbing attention from fam? Etc.

I am not starved for community. I’m a very social person and have a good, local community and a big fam. But it’s just an addictive and easy thing to visit NB.

One of these days though, my conscience will direct me elsewhere and you won’t see me again for a few years. :slight_smile:

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