Using fictional movie adaption of ani existing novel in a story?

I know this forum is mainly for helping out with names but since there are writers here I thought someone might know answer to this and help me out. In my story one of the characters is an actress and gets a part in a live action adaption of the book [name_f]Coraline[/name_f] (which I made up - the adaption, not the book). Does anyone here knows if I can make up an adaptation of an existing novel? [name_u]Or[/name_u] is it ‘illegal’?
Thanks for help!

I don’t see why it would be illegal. You would have to be wary about using direct quotes and references to scenes both from the book and the animated movie though for copyright reasons—basically, anything that would require a citation in a formal essay should be avoided or properly cited. This might be something that a publisher or agent could help you with later on though.

It might be a copyright issue, but maybe that’s work-around-able?

Former editor and agent here. You can mention it in the story. However, if you are going to have scenes involving rehearsals and performances, then, no,you cannot use it. You would have to write to Neil’s agent and get permission and that will be expensive.

Your best bet is to use a work that is in public domain.