Using Trendy Names

I’m always scouting for boy names despite no baby on the horizon. As I’ve mentioned before, the fiance is French, so we need something that works in both languages. At the moment, I’m head-over-heels in love with [name]Enzo[/name] for a boy… and then last night I found out it’s THE NUMBER ONE name for baby boys in [name]France[/name]. I could have cried!

My name ([name]Melissa[/name]) is rather trendy, and there were always others in my classes, which is a big reason why I’ve always looked for distinctive names. So, assuming that [name]Enzo[/name]'s reign will last at least another five years, what do y’all think? Go with it and cope with all the other little Enzos running around, or pick up the pieces of my broken heart (how’s that for melodrama?!?!) and find something else?

(Although we currently live in the States, relocating to [name]France[/name] is always a possibility.)

I say pick the name you love. When the time comes, you’ll likely just “know”. I keep trying to talk myself out of a particular girl’s name, and although I don’t know the gender of my baby (due in a few months), I just feel that this name is our girl’s name. I don’t know how to explain it beyond that. However, some alternatives to [name]Enzo[/name] if you’re really worried: I think [name]Renzo[/name], Alfeo, and [name]Bruno[/name] are adorable. Good luck!

I’ll echo: use what you love! After naming three kids (and working on #4’s name), the one thing I’ve learned, above all, you must love it, you’ll be saying it a hundred thousand times a day, four hundred and fifty thousand a week! Settling for something, is going to backfire. [name]Trust[/name] me, I’ve seen it happen a million times. You’ll end up regretting not using your favorite. I named my second born [name]Simon[/name]. Perfectly good name. I should have gone with [name]Simeon[/name], which was what I wanted to name him. But then I thought, maybe I should go with something a little more mainsteam. And I’ve been kicking myself for 22 years now. Regret stinks! So I speak from experience, too. [name]Enzo[/name]'s an awesome name, if you love [name]Enzo[/name], then just nothing else will do! :smiley: