Venus and Mars

My spouse strongly dislikes all (and I mean ALL) of my long list of favorite names - both boy and girl! Any advice on how to handle this? I have heard the whole one gets first name, one gets middle. But let’s face it, everyone know the first name is the most important. And we can not see eye to eye. Sigh.

I think we need more information. I’d like to see the long list, and if he could make one, that would be good, too.

[name]Hi[/name], there!

Sometimes it helps to think about what your child will look like, oddly enough - profiling is a great way to get more ideas and learn about your styles. Talk about your styles - maybe you are more girly (or masculine) and traditional whereas he is unisex and creative, or maybe something completely different. There should be a way to mesh both of your styles and preferences into one name, but it will likely not be either of the names on your current favorites list. I’m sure there is a name out there that the both of you love and will suit your future child.

Good luck! Take care!

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Can you get him to explain what he dislikes about the names? Are they too unisex? too unusual? too common? It sounds like you both just have different styles but if you can figure out what they are then maybe you can find some common ground. Good luck

Good ideas guys. Thanks. Maybe if he gives it some thought he can pinpoint what it is he likes in a name. He is a really busy guy trying to get through some rough training. In other words, he never seems to have much time to think about this stuff. I have much more time and the opportunity to devote lots of time and energy to this stuff.

So far all I know is this -

I tend to like classic names and international names…and he has shot those down.

The only name he has volunteered, saying that he likes it, is [name]Shirley[/name]. Never saw that one coming and I am not into that one!