which one do you like?

I can’t even figure out how to pronounce most of these. They all look like typos. The only one I remotely like is [name]Frey[/name].

[name]Lyndsay[/name] took the words out of my mouth. These aren’t names; they’re typos. Sorry! :frowning:

it’s okay, maybe it’d be good just in Indonesian accent. in Indonesian, “A” pronounced UH not EI. and many more difference. sorry to confusing

how bout Kaz?

I would love these names for exotic lizards. I actually love lizards and iguanas a lot.

a agree with Lydnsay

also, are they boys or girls?

Trierre - seems like tiara, only more confusing
Faithrael - spiritual in meaning?
Toireann - TOH/[name]REE[/name]/[name]ANN[/name]? It’s okay, but not great.
Kaien - like [name]Cain[/name] & [name]Abel[/name]?
[name]Keir[/name] - k what?
Scastia - looks like sciatica.
Syzrazka - I’m not attempting this one.
Kevas - if you call him “[name]Kev[/name]” for short, this might be tolerable (people will assume he’s a [name]Kevin[/name])
[name]Frey[/name] - the band?
Eodyn - sounds elvish
Llyr - a [name]Lloyd[/name] wannabe?
Isqra/Iskra - ???

Kevas and Iskra :slight_smile:
These are Indonesian names, then?

wow, everybody. maybe, just maybe, these are names from a different culture.

Maybe we would have realized that if she had mentioned it. People make up some crazy names these days! You never know.

Trierre - TREE-YER girl
Faithrael - FEYT-REYL either
Toireann - TOH/[name]REE[/name]/[name]ANN[/name] boy
Kaien - KAH-YEN boy
[name]Keir[/name] - KEH-YEER boy
Scastia - S-KAS-TEE-UHH boy(middle name)
Syzrazka - SEE-S-[name]RUSh[/name]-KAH boy (middle name)
Kevas boy
[name]Frey[/name] - same pronouncion with the band either
Eodyn - EE-OH-DIN boy
Llyr - LEER girl
Isqra/Iskra - IS-KEH-RAH boy

right, it’s indonesian. different culture you might say.

fyi, if you don’t like it, it’s okay. i just wanna share, don’t underestimate me. sorry if you’re not, but i feel like you are.

Kaien sounds nice to me

Would love to know more about what these names mean, how popular they are, what their origins are. Using the headline VERY UNUSUAL rather than Indonesian was a bit misleading, I think – people assumed they were invented names. Please enlighten us!

thanks imojen!

okay, i’m sorry. i just wanna share.

first, these names aren’t popular enough (i’m tryin to make it popular)
second, i don’t know what are these names mean. i took it from a book titled “[name]Aerial[/name]”. i just thought that these names kinda awesome, it’s rare.
i’m sorry for the headline. i just wanna share what i’ve got.