Victoria: Blonde/Green Eyes or Brunette/Green eyes

[name]Hi[/name]. I’m a writer and need opinions on a character named [name]Victoria[/name]. LIke her two brothers, she has pale green eyes. One brother has medium brown hair and the other is a very pale blonde.

When you picture [name]Victoria[/name] with her brothers (all with identical eyes) do you see her as having medium brown hair or pale blonde?

For me, a [name]Victoria[/name] has dark hair, so I’ll go with your medium brown option. :slight_smile: Good luck!

[name]Victoria[/name] definitely has dark hair to me! [name]Every[/name] [name]Victoria[/name] I’ve ever met has brown hair, except one has red, curly hair. Also the [name]Victoria[/name] in Twilight has red hair. Anyway, I choose brown hair!

[name]Brunette[/name] with green eyes, definitely. And pale skin.

For some reason I generally think of Victorias as fair but I could see it going either way in this case.

with green eyes I picture dark, exotic, almost black hair…with a great shine! :slight_smile:

Wow what a wave of responses! Thanks for your opinions. I definitely like rosie’s brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin.

I also want to add that this [name]Victoria[/name] is rather nasty: possessive, spiteful, etc. What do you think?

ooh, if she’s nasty I think she should look the way rica said, really dark, shiny hair! [name]Long[/name], too, like to the small of her back. Pale skin and light green eyes! Beautiful but mean, sounds cool!

Thanks everyone!

I’m so glad that you can all see her as a brunette because I really didn’t want to make her blonde.

Thanks again so much!

OOOO! Vicious [name]Victoria[/name]! Sounds Great!

I agreed with everyone about the brunette thing until you said shewas viscious - then my image instantly shifted to blonde. I tihnk the whole “[name]Brunette[/name] = bad, blonde = good” thing in literature is overdone and like the flipside. Where the beautiful blonde actually has sharp side.

I agree. I get so mad every time I watch tv and the family on the sitcom has a new baby and of course it’s blonde haired and blue eyed. No offense to anyone, but come one! In some shows there’s no way that baby would have fair features. Also, is it just me, or did anyone else notice that a lot of babies born in the year 2000 all had platinum blonde hair and crystal blue eyes?

Anways…lol…I think I will keep [name]Victoria[/name] brunette. I can really picture the contrast of her pale skin against her dark hair and her clear green eyes. Also, there’s a blonde character later on in the story that parallels her and she’s quite annoying :wink: so don’t worry. Thank you for your imput, though. I really appreciate it. =]

Def. Pale blonde, green eyes! Or [name]Red[/name] hair that very curly, but the blonde one. I do think of a [name]Victoria[/name] as somewhat snobbish and evil, hope I helped some!