Violet Leilani has arrived!

[name]Violet[/name] [name]Leilani[/name] arrived Feb. 3, 2010 weighing 6 lbs 2 oz 18 1/2 inches…thank u guys so much for all the help…i went through so many names ([name]Roxanna[/name], [name]Madeline[/name], etc.) before coming back to the original name i wanted: [name]Violet[/name]…it took me a long time to decide on the middle name i kept looking for a more unique hawaiian name…but i chose [name]Leilani[/name] because i love it…nothing wrong with choosing a classic…thank u guys so much!

Congratulations!!! I love [name]Violet[/name] [name]Leilani[/name]! :slight_smile: I hope you and [name]Violet[/name] are doing well… :slight_smile:

Best wishes to you!

[name]Violet[/name] [name]Leilani[/name] is a beautiful name! Congratulations on your buddle of joy!

Congratulations and best wishes to you & your beautifully-named daughter!!

Congrats! [name]Violet[/name] [name]Leilani[/name] is beautiful!

Very pretty name! Congratulations!


Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! [name]Love[/name] the name [name]Violet[/name] [name]Leilani[/name]. She will love her name as she grows older and so will all of her friends - it’s so cool!