Visitor Messages

Have visitor messages gone away for anyone else? It’s not longer a tab for me.

This is the same problem as the missing “Friends” + “Last 10 visitors” issues that were reported recently.

Basically, a lot of user profile features were recently disabled as it’s thought that the spammers are abusing the user profile system. [name_m]Hugh[/name_m] added those other two features I mentioned back earlier in the week because people missed them. The same can I’m sure be done for “Visitor Messages” if you feel it’s an important feature that adds to your enjoyment/use of the site.

However, I’ve also been advised that the fewer features that are added back in, the easier it will be to transition to a more modern forum platform down the line. What do you think?

@katinka Thank you! That stinks about the spammers :confused: Visitor messages aren’t too important to me, I was just curious what happened. It might, but I guess it depends on what kind of “modern forum platform” they decide to go with.

Me too! I was about to send you a vm telling you to empty your inbox, but I can’t find that feature anymore. Thought it’s just me but apparently not.

Shall I ask for it to be added back then, @luneth and @futuremama? (tagging would be handy here!!)

@luneth Someone else messaged me on Instagram telling me to make some room, so I did. I didn’t know your inbox could fill up.

@katinka Tagging would be helpful, I agree. If it’s helping with the spam I would say no, but if it isn’t making a difference keeping the visitor messages off, then I don’t see a reason why not to add it back. Thank you!