Vivienne Evans. Too much???????

My husband and I both adore [name]Vivienne[/name], but our last name is [name]Evans[/name]. [name]Do[/name] you think this is too much? It is very vowel and ‘v’ heavy. It bothers me but I really don’t want to give up [name]Vivienne[/name]. BTW I’m not sure on the various spellings either. Your opinion would be much appreciated - thanks

Yeah, it doesn’t sound that great. It does, in part, depend on how you pronounce it- vih-vee-EN [name]Evans[/name] is a bit clunkier than [name]VIV[/name]-ee-in [name]Evans[/name], but neither are super great. However you pronounce it, there’s both assonance and alliteration, and plenty of it. If you’re positive that you love this name and you will always love it and it is perfect in every way and there will never be another name to top it, then I’d say use it anyway. If not, here are a few names that could appeal:
[name]Amelie[/name] (I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Amelie[/name] [name]Evans[/name] for some reason)

Best of luck!

Nah, I think it is fine! If you both like it; go for it!

It’s a little heavy but not enough to be a deal-breaker if you really love [name]Vivienne[/name]. Maybe it would help to hyphenate the two last names- e.g. if [name]Evans[/name] is your husband’s last name and yours is [name]Smith[/name], she could be [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Smith[/name]-[name]Evans[/name]. Yes, it’s long, but breaks up the alliteration.

I think it sounds a bit much, but not too much to where it can’t work! If you love it, go for it!

I think it sounds fine!

I think it sounds fine, but there are so many E’s with that spelling, I’d shorten it to [name]Vivien[/name] or [name]Vivian[/name] (my preference).

I think it sounds fine. If you both love it, then I think that’s what matters. Like someone else suggested, I would consider shortening the spelling. That makes it less visually overwhelming.

I think it’s fine, but I do agree with the PP who said [name]Vivian[/name] or [name]Vivien[/name] would be better.

I actually love it.
It’s got that celebrity “it” quality to it. I’d say go for it!

I like [name]Vivian[/name] [name]Evans[/name] a bit more, but [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Evans[/name] is refreshing as well.

Thanks for the responses everyone. I’m liking the suggestions for the simpler ‘[name]Vivian[/name]’ spelling. Thanks also for the suggestions, Daisy451 - I do like [name]Amelie[/name], but a close friend recently used it, and [name]Juliette[/name]/[name]Juliet[/name] and [name]Charlotte[/name] are also on our list… still loving [name]Vivienne[/name]/[name]Vivian[/name] though. I’m in a bit of a pickle with this!

I say viv-ee-ENN, so I think [name]Vivian[/name] or [name]Vivien[/name] would be much better. That way it has a celebrity/famous author/literary character feel to it. Gorgeous.

I agree - I’m leaning towards ‘[name]Vivian[/name]’. But, regardless of the spelling, do you think it sounds ok with [name]Evans[/name] (our last name)? That’s what I’m having reservations about.

Very sophisticated…I think it’s great (together with the last name)! I do prefer the spelling [name]Vivien[/name] (perhaps with the nickname Vie, pronounced Vee, meaning “life” in French).

I say [name]Vivienne[/name] almost like viv-YEN, and I like [name]Vivienne[/name] [name]Evans[/name] quite a lot - better than [name]Vivian[/name]. Like somebody else said, it’s got that “star quality”. I say go for it!

I absolutely [name]LOVE[/name] this combination. I definitely don’t think it’s too heavy, and I actually prefer the spelling as [name]Vivienne[/name]. If you’re worried it’s too constant heavy, perhaps hyphenating the first and middle name to break it up a bit? You could even get a cute nickname out of it =)

I hadn’t really thoght about it until you mentioned it, so you’ll probably be fine. Sounds like a Hollywood name :slight_smile:

[name]Love[/name] love love!!! This name is awesome! I do like it with one of the shorter spellings, but it totally sounds like a movie star name!! [name]Both[/name] names go great together :slight_smile:

I agree with lincolnp and east93, I actually really like it!

I think it sounds nice! It’s so hard to find a name you both agree to. Once you’ve got it, keep it! Plus how often do you say 1st and last name together??