Any tips to deal with baby fever and waiting for TTC? We’re still about four years off, but I’ve been really wanting a baby lately. We’re not ready for kids at this moment and I know that, but it’s killing me.

The biggest thing that helped me was being able to focus on and plan for something else. The first big one was going back to school at 22 for Design, then after that I focused strongly on my career for a couple of years. Then I planned a huge solo adventure trip to Europe, and finally now we are TTC.
Find other exciting life events to focus your energy on, it really helps! Put your mind towards things that will help improve your situation for when you are ready to start a family, that’s what I did.
[name_u]Baby[/name_u] fever is hard, it’s instinctual to want a baby for most women, and it’s hard to push it down and ignore it, I chose to focus on the things I could do to get us there instead of fixating on the idea of a baby.

Thank you, that’s a really good point. I just quit my job a couple weeks ago and I’m now looking for a new one, so that might be why my desire for a baby has been so strong lately since I haven’t had too much to focus on.

For me, focusing on ticking off “pre-baby” goals really helps (things like replacing the car). Also, I’m fortunate to have nieces and nephews to focus my love on at the moment.

Something else the helps me is remembering how fortunate we are to have so much time to ourselves, and how much peace and quiet we have. I love kids, but I’m thankful I still get to come home to a quiet house for the moment.

What seems to help me (you still get baby fever even when you’ve been TTC for 2 years lol) is to set some sort of short-term goal and work towards meeting that. For instance, something like “get savings account up to $1,000”. Also, it helps a bit to me realistic and not think with your biological clock. I don’t believe anyone is ever 100% ready to have a child…you’ll never have some perfect amount of money or be in a position to easily take whatever challenges come at you…but there are oftentimes legitimate reasons why having a child at a particular time is not a good idea. Maybe you live in a tiny, tiny apartment that has some sort of health hazard. Maybe you don’t have insurance. Maybe you have a medical condition that needs managed before it is safe to TTC. And so on. I’ve found that recognizing such circumstances and acting according to be very helpful, because it helps you (me) to realize that there are some circumstances that are just not great to bring a child into.

Focusing on financial goals/saving, as well as diet and exercise is helping me with my patience. DH is not ready to TTC quite yet, so I’m trying to focus on other things in the meantime

Thank you, this was all very helpful advice.

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