Does anyone on Nameberry have a Wattpad account?

I do, but I don’t have anything actually written on there. I do have a thing which I just add all of my favorite Bible verses and passages to, but that’s it. But! If you still want to follow me, I’m @ constellationlace on there. I will say, I love my reading lists. I’m quite proud of them. :slight_smile:

I don’t. I probably should get one, but I always preferred Quotev. However, I do have a lot of friends on there, and I know that there are a few people on here with Wattpad accounts.

I do but I have no idea if I have anything posted on there and I don’t wanna be held accountable for anything you may find… If I had to guess, I think my username is the same as it is on here, just maybe without the 18? It would’ve been made around the same time as I made this account.

I’m was actually considering putting something up within the next couple months! I wasn’t sure if I should use Wattpad or something else but I’m almost to the point where I’ll be looking for strangers’ opinions on my story :grimacing:. I’d be so interesting in reading people’s stories though if anyone is on Wattpad!

ETA: It’s exactly my username here!


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I would love to read some of your stuff!

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Aw thank you :blush:! I’m looking forward to reading yours too! You’ve talked about your projects before and they sounded super interesting!

I will say, I have one story up right now. I started it in [name_u]December[/name_u] 2018 and I want to go back to it but currently, I have no idea where I want it to go. If I can whip together a quick cover, I might post the story I just workshopped in my fiction class!


Yes!! I want to read it! I love making covers, even for my dumb short stories that I wrote for competitions. (One involving a unicorn.)

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Just an FYI for anyone who follows me on Wattpad!

If you post on one of our message boards or privately message me, I can’t respond to you and I have no way to tell you that on Wattpad. Wattpad still hasn’t sent me the confirmation email after 2? years, even though I’ve asked for it so. many. times.

I’ve always wanted to do wattpad! I’ve just always forgotten to make an account…

I think @emmy.r.30 does! I want to get one and I might soon

I do! I use Wattpad all the time! [name_f]My[/name_f] fanfictions and some really old [name_f]Fantasy[/name_f] books are on there


Here’s mine:


I haven’t published anything, but I’m still working on it.

Wow. I should probably give my username, lol.

My Wattpad username is @theatrekid5656