Ways To Get To Ben (Popularity-Dodging Help)

Everybody loves [name]Ben[/name], but everybody also agrees [name]Benjamin[/name] is too popular. So, I’m starting a pool of suggestions with the nickname [name]Ben[/name], which will hopefully be a help to someone!

[name]Benedict[/name] (although unfortunate connection w/ [name]Benedict[/name] [name]Arnold[/name]…)

I won’t take them all, so here’s a hint: go to the “Search For A Name” area, put in “[name]Ben[/name]” in the “Starts With” box, and change gender preference to male for a slew of [name]Ben[/name] suggestions.

[name]Benedict[/name] is my favourite (very cool medieval vibe) followed by [name]Bennett[/name] (gentle sophistication).

I actually love [name]Bentley[/name]! I’m sure I’m in the minority, and this is probably coming off of my love of cars, but I just think it sounds super quirky and sophisticated at the same time. Also, [name]Alben[/name].

eben (eh-ben), usually a short form of ebenezer but i know 2 guys with this as their given name.


[name]Benen[/name] or Bennen is on my list for boys to get to [name]Ben[/name]. Also love [name]Bennett[/name].

[name]Ruben[/name] works, too.

I think [name]Bennett[/name] is a wonderful option. :slight_smile:

Good luck!



I don’t quite get the point, if you want to have a child with a less common name wouldn’t the end result be the same? [name]Benedict[/name] or [name]Benjamin[/name] wouldn’t then kid still be one of three Bens in his class?

I’ve always loved [name]Benvolio[/name], but probably too Shakespearean for real-life use.

I was going to say [name]Benvolio[/name] was cool too, but it then reminds me of Cornholio from [name]Beavis[/name] and Butthead. Sorry [name]Shakespeare[/name]! I also like [name]Benton[/name].

And to reiterate someone on the last page, is there a real point? [name]Do[/name] you dislike the name [name]Benjamin[/name] or do you really think there are too many of them already? If you want to call him [name]Ben[/name], I think [name]Benjamin[/name] is more common but not too popular that you have to think of something original or unique. If there are other Bens, with your [name]Ben[/name], is it important to top the other “ordinary Benjamins” by coming up with something different so he’s not got the same formal name as any of the others? In what way is this completely different than people who create new spellings so their [name]Ashley[/name] is Aashalyeigh to set them apart?

I’m all for variations of names or different names with the same or similar possible nicknames, just confused why it’s done as a matter of intent. If [name]Benjamin[/name] is in fact not your favorite, then I could understand. There’s something else about possibly settling for a second best name just to avoid popularity and a good name, that I as a child would not understand the issue.

My nephew is [name]Benton[/name], and love it. My sister in law hates nn’s but she didn’t really think about it when she named him. He ALWAYS goes by [name]Ben[/name] in school etc. I think [name]Ben[/name] is an adorable nn, and even though its popular, [name]Benton[/name] is really nice - I absolutely love it.
[name]Benton[/name] nn [name]Ben[/name] gets my vote.
Good [name]Luck[/name]!


Good point, Larkling and all the rest who have said the same. But this forum isn’t for me, it’s sort of a game, really, just to see what others could come up with and maybe guess “the [name]Ben[/name] of the future.” :slight_smile:


But he is still going to be “[name]Ben[/name]” just like most “[name]Benjamin[/name]'s”