WDYT about Lua?

I’m not pregnant or anything (I’m only 18 :P) but the recent arrival of my friend’s little brother made me think about names again. They named him [name]Leonard[/name] and I kinda co-picked it :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I always thought Lua was a pretty name for girls but I never found it in naming books…

Well, I’m a huge fan of the band [name]Bright[/name] Eyes and when I first heard the song “Lua” I immediately thought it was the name of a girl. It’s the portuguese word for “moon” and since [name]Luna[/name] is very popular and Lua is also the name of a [name]Roman[/name] goddess… But it doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention in the naming world :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what do you think about Lua?! [name]Just[/name] wondering :smiley:

[name]Hi[/name]! I’ve never heard Lua before…I think it’s pretty, but it also reminds me of “luau” and “[name]Lou[/name].” The more I think about it, I guess it feels sweet but incomplete to me, maybe because I expect to hear [name]Luna[/name] or [name]Louisa[/name].

Good luck! :slight_smile:

It’s unfamiliar to me so it’s hard to form a good opinion of it. I really do like the name [name]Luna[/name] though. Any name with a “moon” meaning is pretty cool to me. I guess I’d have to hear this one said few times to get a real feel for it. It looks Hawaiian.

I really love it! Short and sweet. Although I guess it could sound a little incomplete. Maybe as a nn for [name]Luana[/name]/[name]Luanna[/name]?

Yay, a fellow [name]Bright[/name] Eyes fan! :slight_smile: My hubby and I are HUGE [name]Bright[/name] Eyes fans, and are expecting in Feb.

We can’t come up with a name, but have been calling the baby “Lua” as a nickname until we do. We wouldn’t use it as a real name, but I think if someone did it’d be CUTE! Maybe that is because I’m a [name]Bright[/name] Eyes fan though. ; )

Thanks for your responses…It does feel a little incomplete, I agree. I do like it as a nn or a mn though. ^^

@ shanapops: Congrats!^^ Are you thinking about naming the baby [name]Padraic[/name] or Arienette? No, just kidding! :wink: