WDYT about this trope?

WDYT about the “Loner person/group, that usually is on an adventure, says they don’t need anyone (else) but then finds a kid(s), ‘adopts’ them” trope

I’m really on the fence with this, on positive side it can open up a lot of opportunities for trusting, bonding, and found family fluff

But on the negative side, I just feel like it doesn’t really make sense, because the main character/group is (as I said) usually a loner, the think-before-speaking/acting type, values silence and stealth over everything else, only looks out for themselves (and maybe their group) and sometimes selfish. But when the kid(s) join them, they suddenly become nice and caring just because they’re a kid(s)

But again WDYT?

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It would only work if the original loner is forced to be with the person and in doing so develops a family bond they would usually never have considered and/or the person is a loner for reasons that their new found family manages to break and disprove, I think that’s why it’s so popular because usually their loneliness isn’t voluntary!

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I like it! It makes me think of The Last Of Us where [name_m]Joel[/name_m] cares for [name_f]Ellie[/name_f] because (if I remember correctly) she reminds him of his dead daughter. I think loner types in this trope work best if they’re afraid of caring about people from past experience. Or even if it’s begrudging, maybe their morals just won’t let them leave the kid in danger. Could also be fun if the kid reminds them of themselves and forces them to confront aspects of themselves that they’ve lost, whether it be their innocense, trusting, excitability, etc.