WDYT Indie/ Indy? Possible middle names??

Hello berries!
WE really like the name [name]Indie[/name] as a short form on Independent instead of using [name]India[/name] or [name]Indiana[/name]. WE really are not nickname people so If we are gonna call her [name]Indie[/name] 90% of the time that might as well be her name. Our last name is similar to Paw-Coffin. We would like a longer middle name.
Some names we like:

Thanx [name]Meryl[/name]

I think [name]Indie[/name]/[name]Indy[/name] is a name you have to “pull off,” like [name]Juno[/name]. You need the right personality for it, or it will overpower you. I can’t imagine a shy, quiet little [name]Indy[/name]. For this reason, and because I don’t think it sounds great with your last name, I would suggest you go with a longer name with [name]Indie[/name]/y as a nickname OR go with a more classic/common/boring middle name. I just think it would be really, really awful on a kid who was extremely shy or self-conscious. That being said, if she had the right personality for it (outgoing, extremely confident, artistic) it would work wonderfully. You may like [name]INDIRA[/name] as a full name. I love it, but I’m not quite brave enough to use it- hopefully you’ll be! I like [name]Indira[/name] [name]Poppy[/name] from your list of middle names. Some alternate middle name suggestions (I tried to keep them slightly quirky) if you’re sticking with just [name]Indie[/name]:
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Francesca[/name]
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Vivienne[/name]
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Cecilia[/name]
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Chiara[/name]
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Alice[/name]
[name]Indie[/name] [name]Helene[/name]

I don’t think it can stand alone, especially compared to the others on your list. What about:


Oooh. I really can’t stand by [name]Indie[/name]; I am sorry. She will be [name]Indie[/name] 500 or [name]Indiana[/name] [name]Jones[/name] no matter what you do. I don’t want to be mean, but please be very very sure that this is the only name you like before giving it to your daughter for the rest of her life.

Thanks for your responses. I know that many ppl on this board love [name]India[/name] so I am surprised that [name]Indie[/name] has not been so well received. WE will give her a more traditional middle name like [name]Delfina[/name] or [name]Gwendolyn[/name].

Thanx [name]Meryl[/name]