WDYT of Aravis (girl)?

[name]Aravis[/name] is the name of the main girl in CS [name]Lewis[/name]’ “The Horse and His Boy”. She is spunky and fun, and learns to curb her head-strong personality.

It is on my list as a name that I don’t actually think I could go with, but that I am drawn to.

What do you think of this name?

You’re right, this name is rather fanciful, but it also has a great sound and flow. The ‘v’ brings it all together. (Consider: [name]Aramis[/name] sounds much less unified.) Maybe you could use it as a middle name.

When I say [name]Aravis[/name] out loud, I think it’s pretty, but at the same time, I know chances are I’d goof and accidentally say “avarice,” which means “greed.”

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I like the middle name suggestion a lot. Beautiful name, but a bit too obscure (have to spell it for everyone you meet etc.) for a first name.