WDYT of Lake?

I think I love [name]Lake[/name]. We won’t find out if our baby is boy or girl for a few more weeks, and I think it’s a boy BUT I love this name.
What are your thoughts? DH and I like that it is a little hippie, but (hopefully) not too much, simple but unique.
Another issue is that the last name ends with a K. I thought it sounds a little much, but DH’s name is [name]Frank[/name] and that sounds fine with LN. Maybe I am just used to it?
Thanks in advance!

I love it. I also like [name]Laken[/name] and Lakely.

I really like [name]Lake[/name]! It seems like an alternative to [name]River[/name](since it has the body of water connection), and I agree it has the hippie feel, which I love, but doesn’t sound like too much.

I love [name]Lake[/name] and think you should use it regardless of whether you have a boy OR a girl!