I think [name]Lux[/name] is super cute but a little to short. Can anyone think of a longer name where [name]Lux[/name] could work as a nn? FYI Im not pregnant anymore just compiling a list of names for future babies!

I think [name]Lux[/name] might work as a nn for [name]Lucia[/name] if it’s pronounced [name]Lou[/name]-sha. I also think [name]Lux[/name] makes a good full name, even though it’s short. You could also do [name]Lux[/name] as a quirky middle name.

I like [name]Lux[/name] as a nickname for [name]Lucretia[/name]. I don’t know that I can recommend that name, though, it’s my mother-in-laws name and she hates it. I think it could work for anything that starts with [name]Luc[/name], or (stretching it) even just [name]Lu[/name].

It may be stretching it, but you could also go with LX intials and call her [name]Lux[/name] for short. ([name]Xanthe[/name] comes to mind for a possible X middle…)

Good luck with your name list! :slight_smile:


I would use [name]Lux[/name] as a nickname for another name meaning “light,” like [name]Lucy[/name]! I think it is a spunky, mysterious, creative nickname that is really cool and cute.

Good luck!

[name]Lemon[/name] :slight_smile:

[name]Lux[/name] seems like a lavish thing…


[name]Kinda[/name] pompous in my opinion. I also have an impression of soap for some reason. Not sure why.

I think I absolutely love the show Life Unexpected too!
And I think [name]Lux[/name] is the sweetest coolest character…
AND - I’m prego - and HOPING it’s a girl…
but it’s it’s a boy…
His name will be : [name]Baze[/name]!

I also felt like it was a soap name! funny

thank for your input ladies! what about [name]Lucero[/name] nn [name]Lux[/name]?