WDYT of the name Andre

I have mixed feelings about this name. I pronounce it ON-Dray. I don’t know which country this is from (would someone like to infrom me?).
I do like the nn Dre (Dray)

Would you pronounce it this way? [name]Do[/name] you think it’s usable?

ALSO I’ve seen it with an accent - Andrè/é. What are your thoughts

It’s not a bad name. NMS, but very usable. [name]One[/name] of those names that’s well recognized without being overly common (it’s been in the top 1000 most common names since 1880 and currently is the #241). I think that accent mark is used in [name]France[/name] and Portugal (maybe elsewhere also), but I don’t think it’d be necessary to use. As far as it’s origins, this is the Portugese/French (and common in English) variant of the Greek name Ανδ”εας ([name]Andreas[/name]), which is also where the name [name]Andrew[/name] comes from, and means “man” or “of a man”.

I [name]ADORE[/name] [name]Andre[/name]. I grew up watching the movie [name]Andre[/name] with my sisters, a film based on a true story about a little girl who “adopts” a seal and calls him [name]Andre[/name] but finally sets him free. I think the name is exotic, refined, and would be DARLING on a little boy but but would suit a man perfectly as well.

I want to like it but can never quite get past the André the Giant association with this name…

I live in a small french/english community in [name]Canada[/name], and [name]Andre[/name] is fairly common here. It is actually my brother in law’s name. People use the accent here, but we mostly pronounce it Ahn-dray/On-dray. There is also a feminine version here that is used, [name]Andree[/name]. It is pronounced the same way, but is spelled with an extra E at the end. I have always like the name. :slight_smile:

It was pretty common in my hometown, I’ve always liked it. I put more emphasis on the 2nd syllable though. awn-DRAY. And yes, I vastly prefer Dre to [name]Andy[/name] or anything like that.

The name is French. It’s a diminutive of [name]Andrew[/name]. It means man. I don’t find the meaning ‘man’ all that flattering. What about [name]Dante[/name]? It has a much more rich history

I like [name]Andre[/name] a lot, I find it very attractive on a man but still cute on a child. I too would love to meet an [name]Andre[/name].

I like it. I do think of the cheap champagne. I think it’s a name that’s still handsome despite associations like “the giant” ect.

I like the toughness of Dre

It’s my cousin’s name.
It’s very usable, I also worked with a child named [name]Andre[/name] at the daycare.

It’s not my favourite, but it’s not a bad name. I quite like it, and I love the nn Dre.

I like it, even though I think [name]Anders[/name] is my favorite [name]Andrew[/name] variant.

Very handsome and distinguished, I really like this one a lot. Despite the [name]Andre[/name] the Giant association, I get such a wonderful image with it.

[name]Andree[/name] is very interesting.
Meaning of a name doesn’t really matter to me.

Thank you all for your responses. I think and [name]Andre[/name] would be very cute

I do not like [name]Andre[/name].
I prefer [name]Andreas[/name] or [name]Anders[/name].

It is usable. I know 1 (about 7 or 8). I pn it on-dre. I would say no accent. It would be easier on forms without an accent.