WDYT of these?

Lately I have really been drawn to these boys names: [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Brooks[/name], and [name]Clive[/name]. WDYT of them? I don’t have any idea on combos I am just really liking these names lately. Any opinions on any of them? I am currently redoing some of boys list so I am not really concerned with how well these fit in.

I absolutely love [name]Quinn[/name] on a boy. It’s a traditional boys name and I never liked it on girls. [name]Brooks[/name] is too surnamey and [name]Brooke[/name] is a girls name, so I don’t like that. [name]Clive[/name] makes me think of [name]Clive[/name] [name]Barker[/name] (the guy who did Hellraiser and Nightbreed and a lot of other horror), but I do like the name.

[name]Quinn[/name] is such an awesome boys name so that gets my vote. Not a fan of [name]Clive[/name] personally. I like [name]Brooks[/name] though it does make me think of [name]Brooks[/name] & [name]Dunn[/name].

[name]Love[/name] [name]Clive[/name]! It’s on my list!

I love [name]Brooks[/name]! It’s so surnamey and smart and fabulous, haha. Although you had to know that was coming–I seem to absolutely adore off-beat surnamey options. I also love [name]Bryn[/name], [name]Bryce[/name], [name]Boyd[/name], [name]Brody[/name], etc., which all seem pretty similar, too. I like the connection to [name]Eloise[/name] at Christmastime, even though [name]Brooks[/name] [name]Oliver[/name], III, isn’t the best character out there! He’s actually pretty bad but I do like the connection to the story, haha, and I love [name]Brooks[/name]. I think [name]Brooks[/name] would be adorable with your other boys’ names!

While I’ve always prided myself in liking unisex names on boys, I think I actually like [name]Quinn[/name] on a girl! ([name]How[/name] in the world did that happen?!) I just think it’s a very nice MN for a girl. It’s a very nice MN for a boy, though, too… I still think it’s very usable for both genders, though, so if you love it, by all means, add it to your list. I think longer [name]Quin[/name]- options like [name]Quincy[/name] (there’s also [name]Quinlan[/name] and [name]Quinton[/name]/[name]Quentin[/name], although I’m not crazy about either).

[name]Clive[/name] sounds smartly British, and while I like the impression it gives off, I don’t actually love the name! It just doesn’t impress me like some options, but I do definitely respect it. I think something like [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Clive[/name] could be cool.

I like [name]Clive[/name]. It’s unusual and still has a British vibe, in my opinion. If I used it, it would be to honor C.S. ([name]Clive[/name] Staples) [name]Lewis[/name]. I recently replaced the combo [name]Clive[/name] [name]MacDonald[/name] (for C.S. [name]Lewis[/name] and [name]George[/name] [name]MacDonald[/name]) on my Top 7 list with a new favorite, [name]Edmund[/name] [name]Kay[/name], but [name]Clive[/name] [name]MacDonald[/name] is still in my Top 10.
[name]Quinn[/name] and [name]Brooks[/name] are fine, too, but I really like [name]Clive[/name].

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], and I like [name]Clive[/name]. Not fond of [name]Brooks[/name].

@[name]Ash[/name] - I never would have pictured you liking [name]Quinn[/name] on a girl! I think it can go either way, I like the idea of calling him Q though for short sometimes. Q does not seem to fit a little girl. I guess both of our styles are just really changing. I am really starting to love the idea of [name]Addison[/name] on a girl, I don’t know if I could use it myself but I am really seeing the appeal lately. [name]Beckett[/name] [name]Clive[/name] is cute but I am pretty attached to [name]Daniel[/name] [name]Beckett[/name]/[name]Beckett[/name] [name]Daniel[/name] :slight_smile:

@auroradawn - I do like the CS [name]Lewis[/name] connection!

I absolutely love [name]Quinn[/name] and [name]Brooks[/name] :slight_smile: I’m not too fond of [name]Clive[/name], but I think it could grow on me…

I love [name]Quinn[/name]! It is a major contender for a boy’s name for us. I know a little boy named [name]Brooks[/name], and I really like it. Hubby doesn’t though. Not a huge fan of [name]Clive[/name], but I do have a bit of a guilty pleasure crush on [name]Clyde[/name] :wink:

ha! [name]Don[/name]'t get used to it. I’ve always liked some unisex names… like, 4 years ago, I absolutely loved them. Could you believe [name]Bailey[/name] [name]Maria[/name] was in my top 5 for a girl in 2008? Yeah, I don’t know what was going on there. :slight_smile:

Besides, I don’t especially like [name]Quinn[/name] as a FN–I just think it’s a nice MN for a girl especially with a really girly FN–I think something like [name]Arabella[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Olivia[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Sophia[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], [name]Lydia[/name] [name]Quinn[/name], etc., would be sweet. I like [name]Quinn[/name] as a mn for a boy, though, too, haha. I don’t especially love it as a FN for either gender, really. I much prefer [name]Quincy[/name] for a boy and [name]Quintessa[/name] (preferrably nn [name]Tess[/name]) for a girl.

But yeah, I mean, [name]Hadley[/name] was in my top 3 at one point, and I’ve always liked [name]Addison[/name], and I still like [name]Brinley[/name] and Linley and [name]Morgan[/name] and [name]Madison[/name]… I like [name]Haley[/name], and [name]Eden[/name], and [name]Willow[/name], and [name]Jocelyn[/name], etc… I mean, I can see the appeal of some unisex names on girls, I’m just very against it since they were traditionally boys’ names, and I don’t want my daughters to go through what I went through, growing up. I mean, I think I’m totally an [name]Ashley[/name] and don’t mind it, but I’ve always thought it was a bit weird that my FN was my uncle’s MN, and I feel a little bit that I’m not quite as girly as a [name]Sarah[/name] because [name]Ashley[/name] is unisex. That’s probably weird, haha, but I feel like that sometimes. So in the past couple years I’ve vowed that I would only ever give my daughters 100% girls’ names for FNs. I might use [name]Eden[/name] as a MN because of its religious significance, but yeah, that’s why I am the freak I am. :slight_smile:

[name]Bailey[/name] on a girl? Wow never saw that coming LOL :slight_smile: [name]Lindsay[/name] is unisex too and was part of all the men in my family’s names at my grandfathers age and older, but all their granddaughters have female [name]Lindsay[/name]'s now! I am like one of 5 [name]Lindsay[/name]'s in the family now LOL

I like [name]Quinn[/name] but it has gone to the girls [name]IMO[/name] so I would not use it as a FN but I like it as an MN. [name]Brooks[/name] is nice, but it definitely makes me think of [name]Brooks[/name] and [name]Dunn[/name] which is not necessarily a bad thing. I like [name]Clive[/name] too, it sounds cute and quirky yet still strong and handsome :slight_smile:

Wow, it’s the weirdest thing in the world when people consider names like [name]Clive[/name] (and names such as [name]Collin[/name], [name]Malcolm[/name], [name]Trevor[/name]) these are definite middle aged man names and I couldn’t ever imagine anyone giving these names to a child born these days!

I love [name]Brooks[/name] though, used to have [name]Brooks[/name] [name]Avery[/name] on my list!!