We have found a beautiful Arabic name, we hope!

I found a name that I love but I am not sure I am pronouncing it correctly. The name is Caliana it is an Arabic name and DH and I think it is pn cali ana. Does any one have a clue if this correct or not. I would hate to just assume we are correct and years down the road we find out we have been saying incorrectly.

I would pronounce it similar to you, probably Cahli-ahna. I think it’s gorgeous with cute nn too.

Its very pretty, but similar to popular names so would seem to fit in well.


I would ask someone who is fluent in Arabic to pronounce it for you, preferably a native speaker of Arabic.

what a great name. I looked for the pronunciation but didn’t like the way they put the law in it I like it as [name]Cal[/name] ee ah nuh.

I would say [name]Cali[/name]-anna

It appears to be said caw-lee-awh-nah, but I prefer Cah-lee-ahn-uh or [name]Callie[/name]-ahn-uh, myself.

My husband speaks Arabic, and says that you are pronouncing it correctly!